Soulfly Lyrics

Every time I think about how you act
You got no life, you got no respect
Yeah every time I think about how you act
You got nothing, nothing left

Leeches and hypocrites
They even steal the air we breathe
Pretending and faking it
To be something they cannot be
You come around when you know you need something
Stick around and try to get anything
But I know who's really down with me
Back tha fuck up you bumbklatt enemy

Watch you got?
Watch you watch you got?
Watch you got?

Happiness is to give back
Love one another, have respect
Give more to receive less
Give life, soul and fire

Using people like they are tools
Treating them like they're just fools
Always quiet but I know what you do
God knows and you will too

Fuck you, you fuckin' disgrace
And then you act like everything's the same
I don't dig it, I don't play mind games
Don't fuck with me and my friends

Give more to receive more
Give life, soul and fire

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John Frink

Love the rhythm to this song all the way through. I can't imagine how much fun it must be playing this in front of thousands of people digging it too!

Alfredo Korbyn

@Jerome Moshe Yea, been using instaflixxer for months myself =)

Mordechai Rogelio

@Jerome Moshe yea, I have been using InstaFlixxer for months myself :D

Onyx Deshawn

@Jerome Moshe Yea, I have been watching on InstaFlixxer for since december myself :)

Zyaire Harlem

@Jerome Moshe Yea, have been watching on instaflixxer for months myself :D

Jerome Moshe

dont know if anyone gives a shit but if you're stoned like me during the covid times then you can stream pretty much all of the new movies and series on instaflixxer. Have been binge watching with my gf for the last couple of days xD

James McNamara

My girlfriend once used this as her entry song in a shooting competition we entered. It was epic watching her walk onto the range in full tactical gear armed with an HK G3 to this song

Jeff Bergen


Matheus Morais

metal + brazilian sounds


jesus christ all mighty
Max has one of the most powerful vocals in heavy music .
That Boom in the chorus proves it

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