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by Soulspell

(The Talking Diary - Saggioro)
I don't wanna hear anymore
You must learn to face your come
I don't wanna fight, no more
From now on you are alone

(The Talking Diary - Saggioro Judith - Munhoz)

(The Talking Diary - Saggioro)
Everything i know is locked
Those whispers in your ears are lost
Please don't tear me out
I beg you
She said we were bound
I believed it was true

But forever she's gone
If you lose your purpose of life
If no flame burns inside
Nothing can satisfy your thirst
And you prayers
Will never be heard

(The Talking Diary - Saggioro Judith - Munhoz)

(Solo - Lambert)

(Judith - Munhoz)
I look at the door
And see a light never seen before
My soul mate is not the same anymore
I feel him but he is not here
Who are you my dear?
Is there nothing to fear?

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