Summer in the City
Soulvation Lyrics

I need that rythm
I move my body and it feels so fine
Soulvation gets me moving
I need that rythm
It's one of a kind
Sometimes you get me so excited
i think i'm gonna lose my mind
i need to get some of your loving
you know how to do me right

Summer in the City

I think i wanna dance
soulvation gets me moving
Summer in the City

Summer in the City

Move my body and it feels so fine
I need that rythm it's one of a kind
i know that if i dance, i'm gonna lose my mind (?)
(I gotta)

Summer in the city

That rythm really gets me moving
i think im gonna lose my mind

you know how to do me right

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Comments from YouTube:

Whitney Joe

there are many other songs that have been made with the same titles never intending to sound like or derive from another popular song. I think this is one of them. They have a world style dance beat i think is very good, ranging from the 80's to today.

Larry Novak

Pretty Good, I was expecting a Modern remake of the old 60s song, But this was pretty darn good


Soulvation is thinking out of the box... You should do it also ;)


Damn!! Great track (and I love the way Marloes is moving ;-) )

Mr. Hoopla

hahaha this made my day i was laughing so hard


yeayeaaayeaahhh yeaahheeahh... the sound of summer!!


Real superb song!!!!!! awesome. Real enjoy in the summer while driving in my car :D

Roeland Goosen

great song! good memories from this one :)

Machil Verweij

Fisrt day this year above 10'c and this pops up every year in my head.

Chris Swart

The best times at Calypso tunes wish they would return

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