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by Sound Around

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Blood Youth It took a while to understand You let me be a…
Hundred Reasons How you plan to stop the world I don't know…
Mister Lúdico Vivo com meus filhos Em harmonia comendo banana Ou outros sã…
OnlyOneOf 너와 마주 볼 때 메마른 입술이 트이고 갈라지는 게 물을 계속 마셔도…
The Cliks Stone cold Don’t you know you are my heartache And…
Tobtok I wanna live on the edge Let's pack up and go Say…

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Shooting Star Taiyou ka sasu tozashita mabuta no uragawa ni akai zanzou Ka…

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Comments from YouTube:

Nuclear Potato

Mom: 1 More Video Before Sleep


Mark The Gr8

Oh I didn't expect to see such a comment on this video.

Because it's been used 100 times on all their 10 hour sound videos and I thought everyone had grown up by now.

Junhong Ye

Its effective duration is only 30 mins, which is repeated 20 times...

Trish Tk

You actually sat through 10 hours just to count the number of times this repeated?? Really?? I mean, reaaallllyyy??? Sheesh!!


MountainDew7 does kinda suck


Junhong Ye Your point here?

from Diva to Queen

Enjoy the natural, uninterrupted sounds of nature with no music! Totally enjoyable regardless of how many times its repeated. Thank you

Pushan Kumar Jena Samant

29:39 thumbnail

Vαlσи Aнмaтι

I love it, especially great for night sleeping, we certainly.need amore videos of these.

Shin Chan

Bookmarked, a nice ambient sound on a quiet day~

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