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Cruisin' In The ATL
Southside Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Cruisin' In The ATL' by these artists:

Outkast A-T-L, crusin' in da A-T-L Crusin' in da A-T-L, crusin' in…

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Ain't Doin That Honey you do me wrong but still I'm crazy about…
Cheeseburger Shake it like a cheese burger. Shake it like a cheese…
Intro If I got rid of my demons I'd lose my…
Ki Mu Chi เธอบอกอิไตๆหน้าตาเธอเสียวถึงใจ เธอร้องคำว่าอิไตไม่ว่าผู้ชายม…
One Night Well all week long I've been working so hard Working at…
Save his life ใครบอกว่าฮิพฮอพมันตาย รถหวอเตรียมเปิดไซเรน tonite จาก bang…
Shake Em Up I ride the top of the line, I can't settle…
Wai a Pao Baby ว่าไงน้องสาว ไหวรึเปล่า เบเบ้ baby You know its go in down เ…
Welcome To Tha South So เข้ามาเข้ามา ride ride with me ถ้าอยากจะ feel me on the…
Welcome to the South So เข้ามาเข้ามา ride ride with me ถ้าอยากจะ feel me on the…

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Comments from YouTube:

Ty M

hearing this song for the first time. back when I had Stankonia I use to replay those 20 seconds over and over. thank God I finally found the actual song

Tg6double 0

Bruh today is my first day hearing the whole song. I played that interlude over and over.

Suave Blood

Naaaawwwe Forrreeeaaaalllll and I’m only 29😂😂😂

Free State Of Grizzy

FACTS this sounds like an 80s cut

Antonio Hinton

Same here 💯

Joe Garcia

Man I thought I was weird for doing that ish

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Terry Greene

Wow!!! After 20 years of having this skit on repeat from Outkast's Stankonia album I'm just now discovering it's an actual song and I'm loving it!!!


Do yall know how many times I played that lil interlude on Stankonia.

Come 20+ years later, and realize there's an entire song.

THIS is the internet using its powers for Truth & Justice 😄

Wiley Fontaine

Thank you for this, I thought outkast made this as a skit but it's an actual song, this brings me joy!!! "We be cruising' in the ATL", last time I was in Atlanta I was singing this on Peachtree, and there is a lot of fine girls when you cruisin' in the ATL llol.

dead channel lol

this is the most beautiful thing ever created. thank you.

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