Call the doctor
Spacemen 3 Lyrics

Call the doctor pretty baby, you know I'm near to my last breath
You'd better hurry now honey, or you're gonna be my death
You'd better throw away the spoons and all the other dirty things
Cos when the law arrives this evening, I don't think they'll wait and ring

Call the doctor pretty baby, tell him he's gotta rush and run
Cos I think I've had too much babe, tell him it ain't no fun

Hey there's the door now pretty baby, see who's on the other side
Tell them to back up with the wagon now I think I'm going for a ride

Tell them I did it to myself babe, and I lived a life of sin
Tell them black ain't always white babe, and without sure ain't within

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I lived with a guy in Pittsburgh in the mid late 90s. I was a doper and he made me a mix tape called "heroin fix". I still have it somewhere and this song is on it. I just thought of it after all these years. As a 20 something year old dope addict, everything seems so dramatic and meaningful. Eventually though, the romance of it wears away and you realize ur just wasting ur life... I'm 42 now and take meds every day to ward off opiate addiction. Life can be pretty sweet when you know you're living.

Randall Perot

Taking my Suboxone now


stay strong bro/sis

seizero hero

you cant be a spacemen 3 fan without idolizing dope.or at least the divine


@Patrick Harley You're dumb and can't accept the reality. You don't need drugs to enjoy good music.

Patrick Harley

@NorthEast Lad shut up

NorthEast Lad

Music is my drug. Your drugs destroy the body.


I love this god damn song. Thank you.

Matthew Wilk

i like the doorbell ringing noise at 1:39!

Sarah Greig

It's not a doorbell it's an ice cream van 😂

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