Spades And Blades Lyrics

I saw the first born child of the dead
A faithful witness
Among the sickness
The one who had bled
For the words that he said
His voice
Was like the sound of mighty waters
His eyes were like fire
His feet were like brass
The moment I saw him
It made me collapse

He told me to
"Write the things that you will see.
These things will be."
This vision is not a dream

Listen, I'll make it clear
So hear the words I say
I'm telling all of you

You, You've allowed a whore to tempt you
You've abandoned your true love
It's time I told you
Enough is enough
I say, Repent
He who has an ear
Let him hear
I say, Repent

Listen, I'll make it clear
So hear the words I say
I'm telling all of you
Prepare for Dooms Day
The End is near

I looked to Heaven
A door was opened
He said "Come here, with me.
I will show you all the things
That hereafter, soon must be."

Listen, I'll make it clear
You will know The End is near
When Hell on Earth is here

You have abandoned your first true love
It's time I told you
Enough is Enough

Listen, I'll make it clear
So hear the words I say
I'm telling all of you
Prepare for Dooms Day
The End is near

Contributed by Lauren N. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Bryan Mrgan

Amazing guys!!!! You guys are easily becoming a new favorite band of mine. You guys have the sound, I'm totally stoked you guys put yourselves out there because, once your discovered by some more people, I know you guys will make it big time!!!! I bought your songs!!! XD This is definitely a favorite. Keep making more because I'll keep listening and watching!!! I'm going to spread the word about you guys, I already told some of my friends about you, and to look you up!!!. Pllleeeeaassseeee make more music.... NEVER STOP!!!


Wow! What a great comment. We really appreciate your kind words and encouraging feedback. We're definitely trying to take this band all the way and the people that are finding us, just like you, have been so supportive. The fact that you bought our music is even more encouraging. It's tough being a band these days and it's even more tough to get people to actually purchase your music, rather than download it for free. So we really can't thank you enough for that! Telling your friends will also help us propel things forward so thanks for that, as well. We're currently working on another full length album and we hope to release it later this year, so hang on while we work our way through the recording process. We'll be sure to keep you in the loop with studio updates here on YouTube. Thanks again for the love. We're totally feeling it!!! =) @Brianna Mrgan 

Jodie Reeya

this is the 1st time for I listen your songs guys! like it and love it.

Metal Will Never Die \m/

Brian Barnes

You need to come to florida so I can go to ur sho!!!

Taylor Winebarger

This video is killer!!! I love the music!!

Kirsty Thomas

This is amazing I'm so glad I found you and I think u will be an amazing band when you get recognised by more ppl

Thomas neuman

Loving the song guys :) keep rocking

Justin Espaillat

I really really like this!!


We really really appreciate you watching it @Justin Espaillat! Help us spread the word and share it with your friends. =)

Kimberly Cochran

I love it!!!!!!!!

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