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Spades And Blades Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Spades And Blades:

Domination How dare you Don't try to threaten me You're insulsts, I won…
Isolation I saw the first born child of the dead A faithful…
Lies XXX Asking us to play Mass excitement is the order of the…
Pride I’d like to break down and say that I’m lonely But…
Revelation Whose undergone a transformation? Now that you're twisted a…

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Comments from YouTube:

Mahir Cave

I never knew battle cruisers were that big


this game's gameplay betrays its own scope

Wargame/Total War: Starcraft, when

Manuel Gnthr

Well if they are that big it makes no sense at all how easily they can be brought down by a bunch of mutalisks.

Andromeda Studios

@blank abs those are smaller battlecruisers, about 1-3 km long. The big big ones are 9km long.

Pancho Villa


Antonio AR

perhaps it's another class of battlecruiser, kinda like Jackson's Revenge or the Prides of Augustgrad

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Starcraft 2 campaigns were all 10/10 masterpieces. I replay them once every 2 years.


@Jordan Not so small, I watch a lot of stuff and often drop a comment :) Gota red pill people in new ways now that illuminati control youtube.


Lol, just saw your comment on a vid were you edited a 6 year old comment. Small world.

Valentino M.

@Snake Starcraft is heavily inspired by 40k. In Starcraft 1 almost everyone gets devoured by the zerg

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