I Predict
Sparks Lyrics

You're gonna take a walk in the rain
And you're gonna get wet
(I predict)

You're gonna eat a bowl of chow mein
And be hungry real soon
(I predict)
Are my sources correct
(I predict)
They're gonna find the Queen is a man
But that Philip don't care
(I predict)
Lassie will prove that Elvis and her
Had a fleeting affair
(I predict)
Are my sources correct
Are my sources correct
Yes I know they're corect
(I predict)

Men, if you say your prayers
You'll never lose your hair(I predict)

L.A. is safe
Ain't gonna quake
Ain't gonna quake
(I predict)

And somebody's gonna die
But I can't reveal who
Cold beer will cure a cold
Cold beer and pretzels, takes care of cancer
Moscow will march to France
They'll do the Can-Can Dance
Don't worry, it'll work out
Maxim's will throw them out

They're gonna stop Saturday night
So you better have fun now
(I predict)
They're gonna stop having the sun
So you better get tan now

And this song will fade out
And this song will fade out
And this song will fade out
(I predict)

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Anna Backman

I know that I heard that version. On Youtube. Can't find it?!
HOWEVER I found this, had been uploaded 20 minutes earlier 😂!
Live, audience, recorded for radio in America. Many screaming girls, but I like this a little tougher live sound! Enjoy!

Also 'Monster of Love'

'Cool Places' with Jane
'Mickey Mouse'
are what I have found so far!


"L.A. is safe.
Ain't gonna quake.
Ain't gonna quake,
I predict."

Meet North Ridge*

*Yes, I know the real source was Reseda, but they've been calling it the North Ridge quake for years, so don't get on my case about it.

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i would pay for a table dance from Ron Mael.

Bridgett Holman

@bluestate69 Yes!


@Bridgett Holman haha, maybe we will both get that table dance one day!!!!

Bridgett Holman

I would to..he's doing a great job to.

Lee-Ann Kenyon

He looks better in that dress than I would!

Rik Naddir

Ron Mael has some good moves..lol

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Song does NOT fade out. LOL.

The Chicken Nugget of Fate

@Jag idk about that I just ate a chow maine and am pretty hungry again...


Actually only one of the predictions came true: “somebody’s gonna die”


The tape hiss in the end of the song was faded out

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