This Ain't Vegas And You Ain't Elvis
Spitfire Lyrics

These elvis impersonators make your trigger finger itch
Kill the lights
Kill the music
(this ain't vegas and you ain't elvis)
You've been blinded by the stars in your eyes
Come on cowboy, blow me away
Blow them away
I'm just dying
I'm just dying to be blown away
You're a high roller
You're a high rock and roller
So you have to show it
And let everyone know it
So raise the stakes, cut the loses, and let it ride
Lady luck has got a crush on you
It's now or never cowboy, don't be gun shy
Face to face
You're so two-faced
You're so fake
Show them the ropes
Show them the ropes to hang themselves
Because i'm dying
I'm dying to see what that trigger finger can do

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Comments from YouTube:

Basil Shahiyd

The original King of Comedy!


I was about to say Bernie though

Sir burr

Bernie is next


This was at the very height of his “Sanford” fame! Redd was a class act. He repeated his jokes many times, but his timing was perfect!

Michael Russo

@curious cat most seasoned comedians shows like red, bill Cosby, Richard Pryor etc. who toured were mostly all televised, oh and they didn't have to worry about the internet🙄

curious cat

@soulman2000 all comedians repeat thier jokes ..I bet you did too..its like musicians that work hard to create a song and they repeat the same songs all the time ..the trick is understanding your audience and the delivery


curious cat i used to do comedy so i don’t get the comment. I have a lot of Redd Foxx albums. I was makin an observation that he repeated a lot of his bits. It wasn’t meant as a put down at all. I’m a big fan of Redd’s. And yes i do understand comedy tours and how a comic must prepare it then take it on the road. :)

curious cat

U dont understand comedy tours ..u create jokes then u schedule a tour to tell the jokes u prepared and u tell them through America...that's why comedians dont want u taking videos and posting them online when they are on tour

Kai Luke

All great comedians revisit their Money bits!!
If it Ain't Broke...don't fix it!!

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Michelle Lambert

I used to watch Sanford and Son with my granddad every night it came on. I loved Redd Foxx...especially when he'd tangle up with Aunt Esther. Lmao!

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