A Farewell
Split Seven Ways Lyrics

When I close my eyes, I still see you
Your face, your eyes, your hair
And I wonder what it is lurking in me
That’s got me so ensnared

But I've swapped that hair for the rose red
Mark upon my arm
And it would be a lie to claim
That I wish him no harm
Now you’re with him, and I’ll not cry
Cause I broke far too long ago
I’d send you flowers, my best wishes
But, well, you know

And I don’t look at my reflection
I’m scared of what I’m going to see
And as you’re putting on those wedding robes
Just know you were everything to me

And it’s dark and damp where I am now
Running desperately from destiny
And as you’re putting on that wedding band
Just know you were everything to me

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kristina tollefson

i so love this video it so cool and so sad to


This song is lovely, but I wish every verse wasn't the same tune.

Laura R.


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