Four Letter Word
Split Seven Ways Lyrics

I look into the mirror and my eyes are going red
I finally feel the child I was is entirely dead
My father's name is buried under new mythology
The mudbloods will all twist and burn and cry and bow to me.

And nothing can defeat me now
My humanity is blurred
I'll tell you what I think of love -
It's just another four letter word.
I've had that ring upon my finger, that locket round my neck
I've got a smile that turns most witches into simpering wrecks
But beauty is ephemeral and cannot satisfy
So I've thrown away my vanity and death I will defy

And nothing can defeat me now
No matter what you've heard
I'll tell you what I think of love -
It's just another four letter word.

My skin is getting paler
And the bones are showing through
And my army is expanding
Even though I'm just a youth
And nothing can defeat me now
The idea's quite absurd
You know what your great weapon is?
It's just another four letter word

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Comments from YouTube:

Derrick Jolicoeur

I wonder how it would look if you had them run at variable speeds so that they all arrive on their target letters at the same time. Calculate which letter is the furthest, run that Split-Flap display at full speed, then figure out how fast you need to run each of the other displays to arrive at their destination simultaneously.


@Schatzjaeger2 But then they would have to all go to their starting positions, stop and wait for the other modules to catch up, and then start again, which would honestly be much more awkward than them all going at different speeds.


@juicebox TV Maybe run them all at full speed, but start them at different points in time so they finish all at the same time?

juicebox TV

Also thought about it. But I think it would look a bit weird.🤔 Just because we're used to this principle.

Daniel Schafer

Your efforts, both in designing and sharing your incredible knowledge, is absolutely astounding! I hope to get involved in the near future. I'd like to do a build with my grandson.

Ayush Chinmay

This is so visually pleasing! I'd love to have this as an animated screensaver!


This is AMAZING! Where did you get the individual letter modules and how expensive were they?

John LaRocque

They're DIY.

max bobo

it’s reaaly amazing, could made it easyier to understand and buy, like a kit with the tools and material, really want to buy one .

Εμπροσθόδρομα ασύμβατοι

Since keyboard arrows add a 5 second increment, if you land on a word on this video and keep arrowing right, you only encounter words and no flipping :P

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