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i can’t stomach the heat but we gotta make it to the beach
there ain’t no turning back
when our stomach was full we wanted more than that
now i’m wondering why they won’t answer my calls
but damn i remember how we sure balled out
when it was cold out we could bundle cause we were all there

Overall Meaning

In these lyrics, Sqip expresses a conflicted feeling towards going to the beach. They acknowledge that the heat is difficult to endure but emphasizes the determination to reach the destination. Sqip states that once they have made up their mind, there is no turning back. This could symbolize a larger theme of commitment and perseverance in the face of obstacles.

The next line hints at a sense of dissatisfaction or longing for something more. Sqip suggests that even when their stomachs were full, there was still a desire for something beyond material satisfaction. This could represent a deeper longing for fulfillment or a restless spirit that cannot be easily satisfied.

The lyrics then shift to a lamentation about unanswered calls. Sqip wonders why they are not getting a response, implying a sense of isolation or abandonment. This line may touch on themes of communication breakdown and the feeling of being left out or ignored.

Despite this feeling of being neglected, Sqip remembers how they used to enjoy indulging in luxury or extravagance. The phrase "sure balled out" suggests that they were able to spend without restraint and live a lavish lifestyle. This nostalgic recollection may symbolize a longing for a time when they were carefree and able to enjoy life without worrying about the consequences.

Finally, the lyrics mention that in colder times, when bundling up seemed necessary, they were all together as a group. This line could imply that their bond or unity was stronger during tough times, when they had to rely on each other for support and warmth. It might also suggest that they are reminiscing about a time when they felt a stronger sense of togetherness or camaraderie.

Overall, these lyrics seem to touch on themes of determination, longing, isolation, nostalgia, and the significance of human connection during challenging times.

Written by: COLE JOHNSON

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