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give me something to do
give me what i want to for you

Overall Meaning

In these lyrics from Sqip's song "boot," the artist expresses a sense of yearning and desire for purpose and fulfillment. The phrase "give me something to do" suggests a longing for activity, a need to be engaged or occupied with something meaningful. This could be a plea for motivation or a call for direction in life. It reflects a common human experience of seeking purpose and a sense of accomplishment. The artist is asking for something to fill their time and energy with, indicating a restlessness or dissatisfaction with their current state.

The following line, "give me what i want to for you," appears to be a pledge or a promise made by the artist. It suggests a willingness to go to great lengths or make sacrifices in order to fulfill someone else's desires or expectations. This could be interpreted as a declaration of devotion or a commitment to meeting the needs and wishes of a significant other or a higher authority. It showcases a sense of selflessness and a willingness to put others' needs above one's own, highlighting the importance of giving and serving in relationships.

The juxtaposition of these two lines creates a contrast between personal fulfillment and service to others. The artist is expressing a duality of needs and priorities, showcasing a desire to both find meaning for themselves and to do things for the benefit of someone else. This hints at a complex inner struggle or a balancing act between self-care and altruism. It reflects a common tension that many individuals face in trying to navigate their own ambitions while also meeting the expectations of others.

Overall, these lyrics convey a sense of longing, devotion, and inner conflict. They paint a picture of a person who is searching for purpose and fulfillment, while also recognizing the importance of giving and sacrificing for others. The artist's words capture the complexities of human relationships and the constant negotiation between self-interest and serving the needs of others. It is a poignant reflection on the universal themes of desire, duty, and the quest for meaning in life.

Line by Line Meaning

give me something to do
Provide me with a purpose or task to help occupy my time and meet my needs.

give me what i want to for you
Grant me the opportunity to fulfill your desires or requests to show my care and willingness to please you.

Written by: COLE JOHNSON

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