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i’m starting to think in blue
i’m starting to change for you
i’m starting to light the fuse
make up the light for you

Overall Meaning

In the song "Changes" by Sqip, the artist talks about how he is evolving and transitioning in his relationship. He speaks about how he is starting to think in blue, which could mean a lot of different things, but in general, blue is often associated with feeling sad or melancholic. It seems that the artist is starting to feel down or depressed, which could be due to the changes happening in his relationship. He then goes on to say that he is starting to change for his partner, which suggests that he is willing to adapt and compromise to make the relationship work. This is a significant shift from the beginning of the song when he was feeling down, as now he seems to be actively taking steps towards improving his situation.

As the song continues, the artist talks about starting to light the fuse and make up the light for his partner, which could suggest that he is taking the initiative to create positive change in their relationship. He may be trying to ignite the spark that was once there, or he might be trying to bring light into a dark and difficult time. Overall, the song conveys a sense of growth and transformation, as the artist is adapting to his changing circumstances and taking action to improve his life and his relationship.

Line by Line Meaning

i’m starting to think in blue
My thoughts are gradually turning melancholic and blue as I ponder over you.

i’m starting to change for you
I'm transforming myself to be someone who can satisfy you.

i’m starting to light the fuse
I'm initiating the spark of passion and love within us.

make up the light for you
I'll create a radiance of love and happiness for you.

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