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traveling across the globe
logging on every morning
trying to get my tires going
every morning

Overall Meaning

In the song "Morning" by Sqip, the lyrics touch upon the experiences of a person who travels extensively. The opening line, "traveling across the globe," indicates that the singer is constantly on the move, likely due to work or personal reasons. This lifestyle necessitates them being connected to the world, as shown in the line "logging on every morning." It suggests that the individual relies heavily on the internet to stay connected with their loved ones, friends, and the world in general.

The next line, "trying to get my tires going," can be interpreted metaphorically in a couple of ways. It could imply the struggle to find motivation or energy to face each new day, especially after constantly being on the move. The tires symbolize progress and movement, so the lyrics depict the singer as someone who is trying to gather themselves and overcome any weariness or challenges they may be facing.

Overall, the song "Morning" explores the transient nature of the singer's life and their attempts to find a sense of stability and purpose amidst the constant travel and connectivity.

Line by Line Meaning

traveling across the globe
exploring various places around the world

logging on every morning
accessing the internet daily

trying to get my tires going
making an effort to start the day and get motivated

every morning
each new day

Written by: COLE JOHNSON

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