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i want it to be clear
my love is like a spear
now you know

Overall Meaning

In the song "nowyouknow" by Sqip, the lyrics "i want it to be clear, my love is like a spear, now you know" carry a profound metaphorical meaning. The first line, "i want it to be clear," suggests that the artist desires to establish an open and honest communication regarding their emotions. By expressing this intention, the artist emphasizes the importance of clarity and transparency in their declaration of love.

The next line, "my love is like a spear," introduces a striking simile to convey the intensity and sharpness of the artist's affection. Comparing love to a spear implies that it possesses power, precision, and a potential to pierce through barriers or defenses. The metaphor highlights the artist's unwavering commitment and the potential impact their love can have on the recipient.

Finally, the phrase "now you know" serves as a conclusive statement, indicating that the artist has finally revealed their feelings and made their love known. It implies that the recipient of the message now has a deeper understanding of the artist's emotions, unveiling a previously hidden truth. This line suggests a sense of relief and accomplishment in the artist, as they have successfully communicated their love and eliminated any doubts or uncertainties.

Overall, these lyrics convey the artist's desire for clear communication, their impassioned love likened to a sharp spear, and the satisfaction that comes with revealing their emotions. Sqip uses vivid imagery and concise wording to evoke a strong emotional impact, leaving the listeners with a lasting impression of the depth and intensity of the singer's affection.

Written by: COLE JOHNSON

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