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tell me why you won’t stay home
i just wanna have you all alone

Overall Meaning

In Sqip's song "Wheel," the lyrics express a desire to be with someone intimately and exclusively. The opening line, "tell me why you won't stay home," suggests that the person being addressed seems to be constantly out and about, not spending quality time at home with the singer. This can imply a sense of longing for the individual's presence and a longing for a deeper connection.

The following line, "I just wanna have you all alone," reinforces this desire for exclusivity. The singer expresses a yearning to have this person entirely to themselves, away from distractions and external influences. They crave the intimacy and undivided attention that comes with being alone with someone they care about.

Overall, these lyrics reflect the singer's longing for a deeper connection and a desire to spend quality time with the person they are addressing, away from the outside world.

Line by Line Meaning

tell me why you won’t stay home
please share your reasons for not wanting to stay at home

i just wanna have you all alone
I desire to spend intimate, quality time with you in solitude

Written by: COLE JOHNSON

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