Nights Like This
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We were walking in Holland Park
It started getting dark, you gave your hand to me
We got talking
About the past, I even made you laugh
It all came naturally

It’s always been hard saying what I want to say
With the voices in my head telling me to run away
I’ve never found somebody, who makes me wanna stay like you do

I don’t have to hide my feelings
Cos’ you’re the reason
Love comes easy
On nights like this
It keeps on getting better
I see forever come together
On nights like this

Now we’re dancing in your living room
That’s something I don’t do
But since I met you I’m not that shy
Got me thinking is it soon
To plan a life with you
You’re the only one I want by my side

It’s always been hard saying what I wanna say
With the voices in my head telling me to runaway
But tonight I’ve found somebody, who takes my breath away yeah you do
Oh yeah you do

I don’t have to hide my feelings
Cos’ you’re the reason
Love comes easy
On nights like this
It keeps on getting better

I see forever come together
On nights like this

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of St. Lundi's "Nights Like This" speak of the excitement and uncertainty that comes with meeting someone new and going out for the night. The song begins with the singer describing the girl he is with, how she smells and how she's trying to turn him on. He then contemplates what they will do with the rest of the night, whether to take it slow or to make a move. As they continue to enjoy each other's company, he wonders if he's her only option and if they will see each other again.

The chorus talks about how the night can be unpredictable but enjoyable, and the singer expresses his feelings for the girl and his desire to get to know her better. He mentions buying her favorite drinks and treating her like a model, and acknowledges the possibility that their friends may not approve.

Line by Line Meaning

Sexy lady
Addressing a woman he finds attractive

Tell me what you want but girl don't drive me crazy
Asking the woman to be clear about her intentions and not play games

You got something on and I can smell it baby
Noticing the woman's perfume and finding it appealing

Tryna turn me on
Feeling the woman is trying to sexually arouse him

You must want me to pull up on you
Thinking the woman is interested in seeing him in person

Nights like this
Referring to the current night as a special occasion

We get too lit
Acknowledging that they are both getting intoxicated

Just don't think about it
Advising not to dwell on anything negative or complicated

You love my fit
Suggesting the woman likes his outfit or appearance

I like yo lips
Expressing attraction to the woman's mouth

What we gon do about it
Asking what actions they will take given their mutual attraction

Do I take it slow
Contemplating whether to proceed with caution

Or take you on
Considering taking a more direct approach

How do you feel about it yeah
Checking with the woman to see how she wants to proceed

How should we go about it
Asking for the woman's input on how they should handle their attraction

Am I your only option
Questioning if the woman has other people interested in her

Girl what you drinking can I get you one
Offering to buy the woman a drink

You got me thinking you could be the one
Feeling like the woman could be someone he has a deeper connection with

Don't wanna jinx it lets just have some fun
Preferring to enjoy the present moment instead of worrying about the future

Feel the vibe
Sensing a good energy between them

On a night like this
Referring to the current night as special or unique

Tryna work up the courage to pull up to yo side babe
Building up the confidence to approach the woman

If I manage to get the digits you know I'm sliding
Planning to call or text the woman if he gets her phone number

As soon as you reply and tell me that you want me
Hoping the woman responds positively and expresses her interest

Girl would you like that
Asking if the woman would appreciate him buying her a bottle of her favorite drink

I'm bouta buy you ya favorite bottle cause I'm like that
Showing generosity and a desire to please the woman

Belaire, Mascato, And 42 cause you deserve that
Listing expensive drinks he thinks the woman would enjoy

Body just like a model I'm tryna get up on that
Finding the woman's body attractive and wanting to be physically intimate

How should I move
Wondering how he should act and what approach to take

You got me tripping I can't do shit about it
Feeling helpless due to his strong attraction to the woman

You all in my whip
Having the woman in his car

I'm with the shits
Being ready and willing to take action

What we gon do about it
Asking again what they should do given their attraction

I wanna go
Expressing a desire to take their connection to the next level

Ya friends say no
Fearing that the woman's friends may be against them being together

They say that you're wilding
Referring to the woman as unpredictable or unconventional

Am I ya only option yeah
Wondering if he is the only person interested in the woman

Keeping it simple
Preferring to have a low-key hangout instead of overthinking things

Invited you over for liquor and food
Asking the woman to come to his place for drinks and a meal

Call you an uber
Planning to arrange a ride for the woman

I shower last minute I'm playing it cool
Taking a quick shower to freshen up and seem relaxed

She independent I know what she earning
Acknowledging the woman's self-sufficiency and hard work

I'm treating and playing the fool
Spoiling the woman and acting a bit foolish to impress her

We in the hills up in Malibu
Being in a picturesque and upscale area

This shit is casual
Having an easygoing and relaxed hangout

She is in love with the view
Appreciating the scenery together

Girl you refreshing as fuck
Finding the woman very attractive and enjoyable to be around

She said I know what you talking bout
Feeling in sync with the woman's thoughts and opinions

I know we came from the mud
Sharing a sense of overcoming hardship and struggle

Feel like I know what you all about
Feeling like he has a good understanding of the woman's personality and values

Ima give you what you want
Willing to fulfill the woman's desires and needs

Is you gon give me a taste
Suggesting he wants to be intimate with the woman

I'm happy I got you to come
Glad the woman agreed to hang out with him

I know that your DMs is crazy
Acknowledging that the woman likely receives a lot of attention on social media

I know you fuck with your space
Recognizing the woman's need for personal space and independence

You give me your time
Appreciating the woman's company and attention

Sipping this wine
Drinking alcohol together

I wanna show you the real
Wanting to be authentic and honest with the woman

Dammit you fine
Finding the woman very attractive

But its your mind thats really making the deal
Being drawn to the woman's personality and intellect

She been wanting something great
Feeling like the woman is looking for a meaningful relationship

I can see it in her eyes
Interpreting the woman's body language and expressions as a sign of her desires

I just want someone to love
Expressing the desire to find love and connection with someone

We been looking for a sign
Feeling like they have both been searching for meaningful connections

You could read between the lines yeah
Believing the woman can understand his true feelings and intentions without him saying anything explicitly

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Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy the video for my new single 'Nights Like This' directed by the talented Michael Johansson and featuring the amazing @quentinlachaize and @celia_7721 I wrote 'Nights Like This' about the first I met my girlfriend, Josefine. I found that for someone who normally feels awkward in conversation, from the moment I met her it felt effortless to me. Everything I used to find hard became a lot easier. It's about that instant connection you have with someone and embracing every second. Hope you guys enjoy! 💙








Very catchy song


@St. Lundi hey man, great performance yesterday in Warsaw. Amazing surprise before Kodaline concert. Live version of Nights Like This - just awesome. Come back sometime :)

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I`m an old man. This song takes me back to my youth.


i hope you had a fulfilling youth sir


a perfect representation of the music, just how I imagined it!



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