Your Lips Are Red
St. Vincent Lyrics

Your lips are red
My face is red from reading your red lips
My hands are black
My hands are black inside this downtown taxi cab
This city's red
This city's red from riding us into the ground
This city's black
This city's black from all the ashes in downtown
Ashes in downtown, ashes in downtown
My face is drawn
My face is drawn on with this number 2 pencil
Your face is drawn
Your face is drawn from drawing words right from my lips
Words right from my lips, words right from my lips

Your lips are red
My face is red from reading your red lips
My hands are red
My hands are red from sealing your red lips
Sealing your red lips, sealing your red lips

Your skin's so fair
Your skin's so fair, it's not fair
You remind me

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Bianca Marcellous

Love this song, so many emotions and colors spinning in my head


I just... GAH!!
I love this so much!
I love the intensity of the instruments and how angry Annie sounds!
And then how it goes for a softer tone at the end.
Annie is a true artist. <3

Darius Cornejo

This kind of feels like the opposite of "Huey Newton," no? Huey Newton starts rather soft and then has a killer guitar second half, while this one starts intense, but ends with a softer more calming music.  The similarity though is that the ending has the most intense lyrics. It might not seem intense because it's not aggressively sung, but you know the meaning of this song, then maybe you would understand why it's a bit intense.

Innocent Villain

In other words it's a murder song. The protagonist's hands are red from sealing someone else's red lips i.e. she killed somebody to keep her from telling someone something and now has blood on her hands. The victim's skin is so fair it's not fair i.e. abnormally pale from bleeding to death. The beginning is agitated because the murderer is getting amped up to commit the crime. The last part is relaxed because the crime has been completed and the killer is chilling.

Chloé-Marie K


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Stephen Smith

I'm very happy with her on guitar, the violin and piano were so nice. She should colab with Eric Whitaker and get a full orchestra playing with her.

Emma Norrell

Stephen Smith YES


She sounds even better live, its incredible (:

Bowie Downunder

The great MIKE GARSON on piano on this track. Superb.


almost 2022 and can i just say this is still very underrated

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