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Now I hear You
by Stabilizers

How could I know - I could never read your mind
Has the fire grown - or was it burning all the time
Did you reach out - did you give to anyone
You were going down - without looking up - but...

Now I hear you - now I hear what you've been trying to say
Everything has slipped away
Now I feel you - holding on for something to believe
Now I know you're holding on to something here in me

Now it feels like - being put to some new test
Pushing all night - just to understand the rest
Did you leave here - or did you never quite arrive
It's all still unclear - but we've got time - because...


And I could never hide - the love I can't deny
Through all the coldest days - the feeling still remains
It was fear of being alone - that gave birth to this home
Because it's yours and mine - it must now stay alive

So we go on - being given one more chance
If I've got it all - then you're all I have


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