Stabilizers Lyrics

I can see you've got things well in hand
You seem to think this is your promised land
No parade without a tip of your hat
If the people cry - you give them what they ask
Both good and bad - and as the sky turns black

What's a little tyranny to you?
When all you need to do - is come to me
So what - what's a little tyranny
Now the plan begins to take some form
I could swear you had a soul before
You're in command - holding tight to your course
You close your hand and promise them much more
From behind your door - they've heard it all before

Now it seems your luck is running down
A masquerade in pieces on the ground
The fear you've lost has suddenly been found
They've come for you - go to your angry crowd
Hear them calling out loud
You're wearing a smile through the frown

Contributed by Keira I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Christine Jackson

I played this album so much, I wore it out! I remember seeing them perform at the downtown Erie Hilton, when they were promoting this album. It was the very first live concert I had ever seen. Thank you for being part of my 80’s teenage years. RIP Dave Christianson.

Damper Goldenrod

what month in 1986 was this album at its peak?

John S

I know what happened. I was in the local version of the Stabilizers, the one the CBS record execs came to see at the former Peninsula Inn during the summer of '85 in Erie, PA before they were signed. I'm the keyboardist, John, who was the bandmate of Dave Christenson in a band called Prophecy in Erie. After Prophecy broke up, Dave met Rich Nevens, a British electrical engineer from Manchester, England, who was working in Erie, as fate would have it. After Prophecy broke up, Dave and Rich apparently had collaborated and recorded songs on four track, and we're getting ready to play out in Erie, and had gone through some keyboardists. Finally, Dave knocked on the door of my parent's house where I lived the summer before I went to law school (unexpectedly), and told me they needed a keyboard player (i play keys, sax, guitar and sing). I agreed. I started practicing soon after, and integrated into the first live performance with "Underground" on 50, 000 Watt FM Erie Radio airplay, and the rest is history.


John S that’s awesome! Big fan of this album and the band🙌🏻

Doug Christenson

Thanks for sharing John. Keep the memory alive.

Jeff Haskins

John, thanks for sharing. I was a high school junior in Erie in 1985 when I first heard you guys on the radio. I absolutely loved the original, raw version of Tyranny. The final version was a little overproduced for my taste, but still a great tune. I find myself listening to the album frequently for nostalgia reasons. Great memories.

John S

Yes, Bill Keith, it was WCCK aka K104. The version they played was the 4-track version of Underground. We also had 4-track versions of "Tyranny," and songs called "Numbers on the Line," and "You Pulled Me Down." I think I transferred these to two-track digital recordings from my cassette mix down tape a while back.

Bill Keith Channel

@John S
cool, I'll check it out.

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Lucius S.

One of the great lost bands of our beloved 80s. They should have been big.

Benita Steffan

Alec Neuschaefer no. Actually it had to do with the record company . Because of record contract issues ( they were basically strewed) made another album and it was never allowed to be releases. They were from my home town. My husband was friends with them . Saw them play in a bar “ Norbs Bar”. My husband was also in a band . Most musicians in a small town all know each other.

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