Here's That Rainy Day
Stan Getz Lyrics

Maybe I should have saved those left over dreams
Funny, but here's that rainy day
Here's that rainy day they told me about
And I laughed at the thought that it might turn out this way

Where is that worn out wish that I threw aside
After it brought my lover near
It's funny how love becomes a cold rainy day
Funny, that rainy day is here
Funny how love becomes a cold rainy day
Funny, that rainy day is here


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Comments from YouTube:

zoot case

Is there anyone else really, The Frank Sinatra of the Saxophone.Never again are we to hear a tone like this , So glad I saw him in person very chance I got. What a great era I was blessed to grow up and grow old in.

Derek Akien

@Ken Reed
Thanks. Didn't know that will investigate. Wrote some great tuition books.

Ken Reed

Zoot, check out Greg Fishman here on YouTube.  Greg has made it his career to study and prolong the work Getz did, and has become a superlative tenor player in the process.

Isa Cruz

I've seen you around a lot, browsing random jazz albums. Your youtube name is one of my favorites from Zoot. The head repeats a few many times but the solos are very fun in Zootcase. I wasn't blessed to hear the jazz legends in their prime and the genre isn't what it used to be anymore. I'm just happy that I have these recordings to listen to. Musicians die, but their music lives on. I was blessed with the ability to hear many great musicians' music through today's technology. I still wish I'd had the opportunity to meet a legend in person but these recordings will have to suffice. :)

Terry Corcoran

When you die, if you've been good, you will go to Heaven and find this group playing in the bar.....

Andrew Pinkowitz

@D Richo kudos for your efforts, but why not add Mozart, Bach, Brahms, Beethoven, Part, Bartok, Wagner, Vivaldi, Teleman, Ravi Shankar, Amalia Rodriguez... you get the picture. There's so much great music in the world, why not have them seek it all to enjoy.

Andrew Pinkowitz

And when Stan needs to go on break, well perhaps Gary could play this tune with another heavenly musician:

Joseph Miller

I'm in.... that makes me smile at the thought...

Escuela Jazz FM

I feel si good when i ear Stan Getz

D Richo

Terry Corcoran, I'm not religious but that's an ideology I could buy into. I can picture the scene now...
A smoky bar with dull lighting, muffled chatter and a small stage at the end of the room where great artists take turns performing their talents.
Coleman Hawkins, Charlie Parker, Cannonball & LeRoi Moore would all be there sitting at the bar between performing. Throw in some of the great percussionists and rhythm/blues guitarists. Van Morrison for good measure, There's too many to name across so many genres...
Some decent single malt scotch and what an eternity that'd be....
I got carried away to my own version of heaven there. Thanks for painting that image in my mind, if only...

Just like to mention that I was born in 1983, thanks to my old man, I grew up with this kind of music in the background. Along with other beautiful music from the late 50s/60s/70s and 80s it became part of me unknowingly and now my children are absorbing the beauty of it all through me.
I'm fighting a never ending battle against Katy Perry, Beyoncé and other manufactured pop but I'm getting the good stuff into their psyche while I still can...

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