Saudade Vem Correndo
Stan Getz Lyrics

Espere um pouco meu amor
Deixa outro amor chegar
Se a saudade vem correndo
É só para se mostrar
Sempre há tempo para amar
Quando um bem você achar

E então você vai ver
Você vai ver e vai voltar
Então você vai ver
Você vai ver e vai voltar

Writer(s): Luiz Floriano Bonfa, Maria Helena De Toledo

Contributed by Taylor P. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Olz Dee

Be warned..listening to quality Hip Hop may lead to Jazz !

Quinn *

@ReneeDreams sampling is art

Olz Dee

@Sam Rose Yeah shit i quoted wrong my B. Im also getting that Bossa Nova isnt Jazz but hey... It was just a theory..

Sam Rose

@Olz Dee Runnin is actually by Pharcyde, but I also love Tribe

Olz Dee

@ReneeDreams Hip Hop is made out of a situation where people who are not musicians used what they had as Djs to make something new. Drum machines and turntables. They where not trying to compete with other forms. First it was just simple beats to dance to but then as it matured They naturally used music t they had heard parents and relations playing. Hip Hop as an art form is not about being pure it is about taking things and rearranging them. I think at least people discovering Jazz through hip hop is better than not at all.


Hey Ive been thru that and now i am at Mozart

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2:03 - 2:09 First Bar and 3:13 - 3:23 Outro = "Runnin"

Brooklyn's very own

2:47 hit this and say its 1995 in ur head

luis ramirez

1:21 is also used in runnin


Juice wrld sample?

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