Standing Egg Lyrics

ireonmam cheoeumingeol hanbeondo neukkyeobonjeok eomneungeol
neomunado wonhadeon nado jogeumeun wonhaesseumyeonhae neodo
seoroga seodureuji anheumyeonseo jogeumdeo igibuneul neukkimyeonseo
nuguna cheotkiseuran danhanbeon nanwogajineun tteolliminikka
if ever close your eyes jigeumirago naege allyeojwo I wanna kiss you
nuneulgamajwo jigeumisungan neoreul allyeojwo I wanna kiss you
naenuneul barabwajwo seoroga jinsimingeol aljanha
soljikhi malhae ajigeun jal moreugetjiman hanaman malhalkke
jigeum uri sarang jeoldaero huhoeharireun eobseulkkeorago
nuguna cheotkiseuran danhanbeon gajineun sunganinikka
if ever close your eyes jigeumirago naege allyeojwo I wanna kiss you
nuneul gamajwo jigeum isungan neoreul allyeojwo I wanna kiss you

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Comments from YouTube:


I really appreciate that Standing Egg sings in Korean. I worry that too many bands these days feel compelled to sing in English. It's not just that I like to appreciate the beauty of diversity. Sometimes it seems like singing in English restricts or filters some artists' creativity and expression. Can I understand what he is saying? No, but I certainly can feel it.

louise perez

standing egg is so underated they deserve more

Maggie Lui

His voice reminds me of milk tea. And I really like milk tea.

Harumi Lee

so relaxing and fun. very emotional. They have a story behind every song

Anh Bui

I hope every MV would have english subtitles! I'm dying to know what hides under this beautiful melody.


socorro, essa música tem um ritmo que me lembra muito o Brasil


É sim, aquela da garota Ipanema


the song melody lyrics voices are so relaxing soothing I feel like I'm floating on clouds like I'm in Hawaii etc never stop loving or listening to this

Anindya Fab

Love this song, so gentle.

Patricia lima

eu simplesmente amei. Bossa nova é lindo em qualquer lingua. // I just loved it. Bossa nova is beautiful in any language

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