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Conrad In Hawaii

@Four Seasons
Well, you know, I just Never KNEW that James Fenimore Cooper's early 1800s novel "Deerslayer", which I read as a boy, had been made into a movie! 😲

Just goes to show that you're Never too old to learn. 😆🤣🙄

But, in my personal opinion, "The Deer Hunter" was as good as any I have seen about our unpleasant time in RVN. I don't remember it ever being promoted as a documentary, any more than were Oliver Stone's "Platoon" , "Full Metal Jacket", or any others. Certainly NOT that awful "Apocalypse Now"! Although I think we can both agree that "We Were Soldiers" was within a cat's whisker or 100% accurate.

At least Oliver WAS there, with the 2/27th "Wolfhounds" at Cu Chi in '67 (I just may have flown him on my Huey), so it is likely that many of the events in his film were written from personal experiences or ones he knew about first-hand.

But for you to say that "The Deer Hunter" "sucked" is strictly your personal opinion... not one shared by many, and Certainly Not one based on any facts. And please spare me any "boots on the ground" lectures just because I was "only" a 67N crew chief/door gunner rather than (Wait for it!...) an "Eleven Bravo!". Our "little friends" out there were trying their best to kill us ALL, and never, far as I know, stopped to ask anyone about their MOS before opening fire. They certainly never asked ME! And we All lost buddies, sometimes without a trace... And we All lost a part of ourselves, and to this day have 'Nam right over our shoulders, every waking moment.

('67-'68, 25th Aviation Bn. "Little Bears", Hawaiian 25th I.D., Cu Chi base camp )💔🇺🇸

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I came back from Vietnam in late 1969. My dad, whom I never really got to know because he always worked as did all of us kids, died in late in early 1970. He was only 48. This movie came out and about 6 of us guys went to see it one afternoon at a local theater. Never has anything ever hit me so hard. Even now.....I just had to stop typing because my emotions overwhelm me and the tears are falling once again....... If you're a man you know how hard it is not to cry in front of other men, but I sobbed that day. I wasn't ashamed or embarrassed, I missed my dad. My life has never been the same since.... I am now 72 years old and the pain is still there. I look forward to our reunion one day in the not to distant future in heaven.

Terry Nicholas

I hope you meet him again.

Carmen Valenzuela

He will be waiting for you in heaven.

Shad Faquir

Watched it for the first time as an adult...very raw and emotional film...a masterpiece


Mi dispiace !!!

Neolla Vega


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I remember I first watched this as a freshman in college. I expected it to be an action thriller. Needless to say i had no idea what I was in for. Such an overwhelmingly powerful movie about friendship, love, and the horrible effects of war. I was speechless and in tears at the end. Every time I hear Cavatina I get emotional because it's such an emotional song and captures perfectly the atmosphere of the movie. The Deer Hunter and Cavatina will always have a special place in my heart.

Tarek Bohdima

i am Libyan , and i can relate to this movie and to this music , since we are living in chaos and war. we are like being dying slowly in boiling water and having russian rollette "game" every day...

Lucy R

@Tarek Bohdima sorry to hear that heart goes out to u. This film crippled me when I watched it and it always makes me cry when I hear this song. Stay safe and may God be with you

Tom Martin

Me too. Purdue University, 1978. I learned the meaning of the word, intensity. 10 or 12 years prior, I corresponded, as a Cub Scout assignment, with the real life version. Russ Allen, Monon, Indiana, a Green Beret that had the time to write letters back to me. I still have them. I tried to meet him a few years ago, but he had just passed. If someone in the RD Allen family of Monon, IN wants those letters, I will gladly deliver them with my appreciation.

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