Beautiful As Torment
Star of Ash Lyrics

I am a hole in the sky
The cry the bleeding smile
In your forehead

The knife that wed my heart
Did not hurt
White bride of brutality

Truth give up the ghost
I conceive the night
And it devours my voice.

Contributed by Mila C. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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the youtube search engine brought me here

Robert Tadina

ihsahn brought me here

MT. KALD『幽霊』

leprous brought me here


This song and I have a history. From 4:35 on is sacred, always, my Storyteller HST <3

Lucian Moon

WoW! Just discovered today and I am in awe


could you upload in the throws of guilt if you have it. it would be much appreciated!

Gaylynn Rashott

Jeanne brought me here



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