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Him and Her
Star of Ash Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Him and Her' by these artists:

Rehab I tried to be cool, I tried to maintain let…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Star of Ash:

An Apology Gone Bad The heart asks pleasure first And then excuse from pain an…
Beautiful As Torment I am a hole in the sky The cry the bleeding…
Blood Bones and a Skull Proud of my broken heart since thou didst break it Proud…
Death Salutes Atropos The I left behind The ever fading I of the moment The…
Epilogue Two men spoke from the grave One died from filled heart on…
In The Throws Of Guilt Pale faces smile And spit their cross In the mouth of life…
Odi Et Amo The sun of shame A transparent secret And inside - hellfir…
Sanies Snake of ash Newborn Apple of promise Reborn This fath…
The night sky It was not death, for I stood up, And all the…
The Nudity of Light I yearn to vomit my heart All over you Pierce it through…
The World Spins for You The higher her screams the less you hear when at last her…

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Comments from YouTube:

Anime Star Theorist5

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Sona Sona

Why all girls are little taller than Ash?????

Ri Doing

He likes them biggg

Dino Playing roblox

Fax like I think even Serena taller then ash I think

KingWolf Roblox

Or he just doesn’t sleep much but most of them have the same age

Doctor Odin

It’s simply the fact that they’re normally older than him

Julian D

Serena ain’t though ash was just really tall in that region lol

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Brock: wants the girls but doesn't get them (except Lucy)

Ash: doesn't want the girls but gets them.

Dino Playing roblox

@Just a Pokefan true

Just a Pokefan

It's not like ash doesn't want girls he doesn't know about the girls love for him that's all

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