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How To Invent A Heart
Star of Ash Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Star of Ash:

An Apology Gone Bad The heart asks pleasure first And then excuse from pain an…
Beautiful As Torment I am a hole in the sky The cry the bleeding…
Blood Bones and a Skull Proud of my broken heart since thou didst break it Proud…
Death Salutes Atropos The I left behind The ever fading I of the moment The…
Epilogue Two men spoke from the grave One died from filled heart on…
In The Throws Of Guilt Pale faces smile And spit their cross In the mouth of life…
Odi Et Amo The sun of shame A transparent secret And inside - hellfir…
Sanies Snake of ash Newborn Apple of promise Reborn This fath…
The night sky It was not death, for I stood up, And all the…
The Nudity of Light I yearn to vomit my heart All over you Pierce it through…
The World Spins for You The higher her screams the less you hear when at last her…

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Antony Stringfellow

I don't agree that it's "against astounding odds" that we are here.... on the contrary, I believe the odds of us existing are 1:1 (100%).

You could try to calculate the odds of your own personal existence on this planet, which are incredibly low, taking into account all the events in your parents life that led to that one sperm fertilizing that one egg. Then doing the same for each of their parents, their grandparents and so on.... including the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. etc. It's almost endless.

But that's not the point - that's not the way to look at it at all.

The odds of you existing in this time and place or even on this Earth at all are indeed vanishingly small. The odds of you existing at some time and place in this universe are much more favorable, though still probably quite small. The odds of you existing... that's a certaintly - it always was and it always will be.

All that is possible exists, somewhere in time and space.

You exist and I exist simply because it is possible.

We have existed before and we will exist again. Not likely any time soon, maybe not likely again in this universe but we will exist again.

How do I know this?

I don't. It is my belief, based only on my understanding of science and math.

Johns Town

I’ve come to realize that the search for meaning is a waste of life. That all human life is just a cosmic accident, an arbitrary conglomeration of molecules evolved by chance into an organism with a brain stem, condemning it to ponder, futilely, the reason behind it all.

Frasier Crane
The last episode of cheers had a lasting impression on me in 2012

I have a game for you- it’s a treasure hunt. I’ll give the clue and you have to find the answers:

1.) Can you find the hidden cross in Numbers chapter 2? Hint, it’s pretty big.
2.) Genesis chapter 5- what do the names mean in Hebrew? Hint, Make a list from Adam to Noah on the left and on the right do the translation.
3.)Why did Jesus keep his miracles secret until the triumphal entry? Hint: 173,880.
1Cor6:9 - WE ARE ALL SINNERS. No one is better than the next. John 3:3 we must be BORN again. Jesus often says “Go, and sin no more”. Sinning after repentance is still sin- repent and be done with the world.

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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe.Think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” NIKOLA TESLA

kokayi ufanifu

Be Still, Be Quiet & Breathe Deeply! Stop your thinking! Unplug from the Matrix!

Jaxx - Inspire Grow Create

It is truly a blessing to have this chance at life.

Make the most of it


@Jaxx - Inspire Grow Create It’s an amazing blessing thank God.


I'm agnostic but I feel the same way. What a wonderful experience we all get to have.

Al Pac ino

nicely said.

Donald T

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Christie Woods

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"Against astounding odds, we are here and moreover we are so extrinsically configured that we can think about the past, we can envision the future, and some members of our species can write the 9th symphony, paint the Mona Lisa, or figure out quantum physics. That gives me great gratitude." ― Brian Greene

Toddford R

@Don Satalic life is not " literally beyond impossible" in any terms. It is probable based on the evidence we call earth. As for the probability of life existing elswhere in the universe. We have too small of an understanding of the universe to even provide even a semi accurate number, but we only know one star system well, and it has life.

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