Forever Right Or Wrong
Steve Perry Lyrics

Didn't always have the best of times
One would win, both would lose
Tried to make believe the feelin's gone
Tried to make her into you
Within my heart I hear the truth
When the honesty shines through
Love's like a river
Flowing forever long
And I will be there
I will, I will be there
Forever right or wrong
So here we are, the same old place
Wonderin' what to do
I'll be better in a safer space
Will I ever be with you
I swear my darlin'
This time I'll try
I'll make it up to you
Love's like a river
Flowing forever long
And I will be there
I will, I will be there
Forever right or wrong
Right or wrong...

Love's like a river
Flowing forever long

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patricia fedick

Hey There Stevee Babee, Been Blasted with alot of Energy Work& Prep for Set on the Lavender.
My Apologies on The hold up on My Promised Share,
However, Please Know I'm On The Fly In A Fast Pace Mode& training / prepping another to Pull some of my load so I can step aside for the trip to Georgia.
Firstly , So very Excited That You've been Out & about Making Melodies for Growth...Lov'n It from the lil's snip that was shared to me.
And, by the Way , You're Looking Mighty Fox'n doing it Too!And , I dont mind saying so! Cant Wait t'see the whole thing when you guys are done with it...
Bare with me,I may have to keep coming back to this to keep tucking it in as Promised as She's a long Songlet..
And, A Lady has a right to have change of idea where to upload this one, yes? LOL
Remember, I Did warn you this One Is Not a Feel Good on The Heart Songlet,,, So here's My Mirrored Reflection To Your!*Rosalie * Melody
As I Slip On My Candies (C)2019
Date stamped on April 23'2019

As I Slip On My Candies
Reach For My Keys...
Ohhh' Myy Myy B' bee,,,
I Try So Hard to place Myself ,'
Into Another Day..
Bt" I Always Find Myself Always Looking Back .
Thinking Of The Many Ways,
The Mirrors Of Time
Is Still Keep'n Up
Spinning Me Around,
In The Dance Of Love With You.
Ohhh' Myyy Myyy B'beee,,,,
Memories Of Your Touch Sliding
Down The Sway Of My Back,
With My Red Ribbon In Hand...
Heated Nights With Your Finger TipsTouching,
Where you have Kissed
(Add: On) So So Many Times,
Drives Me Back to A Hunger ,
Ohhh' '" Myyy Myyy B' beee""
A Hunger I Just Cant Resist""
Nights That Fell Into Morning,
As The Dewy Mist Melted Away,
Another Trimble
Another Trimble
Another Memory Of You
& I...
A Night On The Dockside,
Hand In Hand'
From Behind,
All So Connected to You'"
In the Lulle of One'
Of Our Most Mystical Moments,
Dew So Thick "
I Still See It Like'
Seconds Ago,
Trickling Off Your Lower Lip ...
Your Silky Jet Lox,
I Still feel My Fingers Sliding For Grasps"'
Reaching For You...
Ohhh' Myyy B'bee,,, B' beehh,,,,
Those Memories
I Will Always Hold
Like The Ones of Us
In The Kitchen,
With Not Much More Than Our Aprons,
Breakfast For Two...
Ohhh" Oh'hhhhhh,,,
Myyy B'beee"""" Bab'eee
This Is So Hard ,
It Doesn't Come Easy'
(Add:On) No, Not So Easy'
To Do...
*As I Slip On My Candies *
Reach For My Keys...
I know No Other Way"'
Probably Never Will,
So, I Just Wont Say It'
I Jsss' Can't Bring Myself To Say It,
Say'n It Face To Face,
Ohhh'" My B'bee
That We Are Through.
I Saw You With Her,
As I Was Turning The Corner'
Turning The Corner'
From One Of Our Old Haunts,,,
The Ghostly Memories'
They Are
They Are
Wringing Me Through...
She In A Kiss ,
Lips I Once,
I Once, Thought Belonged Only To Me...
It Seems To Me'"
Always A Man To Miss You
Is When '"
Your Not WithIn His Reach..
Ohhh"' Myyy' Myyy B'bee,,,,
I'm Making This Easy,
Only For You...
Only For You,
B'bee Only for You'
For You....
As I Slip On My Candies
Reach For My Keys,,,
My Last Words To Say'
To Say,,, B'bee
Myyyy B' beee,
Only For You...
For You..
You...You.. You...
By Patricia G.Fedick/Des'Marest
New Dated February 6'2020 (C)
All Rights Reserved. FOR Dated on April 23' 2019.

patricia fedick

πŸ’žπŸ’œπŸ’ž,*Hey You*,
Stars' jst so much I'm wanting t share T'night...
So' much in the Worldly Energies As well' yes...
So' first things first Hope'n Your doing good & holding on your side of the Reflectional over there lol..
I'm doing Very Good Health wise myself..
Other's areas sigh' ummmhhhmm' I'm holding'h'lololilol.
Seeking out drones with cameras at present time.As there appears to be a hindge'with Blondies as myself I'm guessing.Had Never Noticed before' Bt' on cameras and videos we evidentally have a certain glow about us ' h'lol ' unreal right.The Hoops I'm guessing all must learn from doing this type of Video..So' a friend in the Biz is supposed to be step'n in to take a look at it as well.Bt' it will get there even if I have to switch some things up a bit...Still having fun with it though' & the in end I'm thinking.Thats what matters most' yes?...As surely other lessons to learn I'm definitely thinking 'lol.
Secondly ' Cant help bt' feeling So Much Of A Reflectional Heart In Robert Clays Latest Album& can see why you chose to play a part In it & surely in several could've heard you writing and singing them yourself.Bt' that's jst' how I'm feel'n it 'lol.. Several really talk to a womans Heart surely...
I'm hope'n to hear more from you though.Bt' am happy with what you share.
And' as I've promised I have several to upload & share with you..
As five more jst came in recently bt's * I wNa * get Lyrical Love Affairs(C) up as I had wanted to before.Bt' So much things get on a hurry & energy gets tricky too'lol..
Bt' had wanted to share a couple of days'ago.Things jst keep speeding up on me...So' I try to keep balance' indeed...
Will let you know as I know about all else'k..
Much Love'
P.S. Was'Giv'n Robert Crays' other stuff a Listen too.Really Nice ...And' A'Nice'Gift of Bringing him to Light for me & so many others I'm sure'lol.Im sure I've heard some of his stuff Down In Nawl'ns.As I lived up in The North shores of Slidell back in the 90s.Then ' To Jamaica & Then over in Lake Charles for about 2 years at 'Leads'Aviational reasons.And possibly at atleast one of my accounts . So' I'm going to give a listen to more of his stuff.I definitely feel'n his material so far.Really Nice..
Jst' had a busy one today. Trying to tye up some loose strings so to speak' with preping & apparel& mechanics of my project.And' was gifted a mirror for an art piece I believe I've mentioned awhile back for my feather' for*Purple Poetry* Logo. Asked a high school friend about natural hair toners.As I'm fully natural hair color now & I posted on my FB for her as she's awesome about color.And' shes a nurse of many years. So' I gave her my update on my arm as well. Bt' I refuse to remove my Body hair jst because it glows.So' I'm waiting for Seth to give me some insight .that maybe we can make me not glow like I'm a glow'worm'lol.
And' Have been listening To the Album you helped play a part in .I'd love lots of them .Bt' * To Be With You* Stands out most In My Thoughts.And' Anything You Want*& *Your The One come in right behind it.Bt'
* This Man * Hot Fire that One & Need Loads'Of Liquidity to Calm that Songlet Down for an answer 'lol& Well' the True'Aqua Lady Here had one for him on that Bt' Energies run High' Etta James' Style. So 'I'll take a step back before I place my Answer Songlet Female Lady Like Style Surely on your things here'lol& dont think I ddnt hear You in there too'h'lololilol Always'Grabbs Me In All Ways 'lol. ...
.As these have pulled five Songlets From my listening to them Including One From * Little Less Lonely* Several Songlets fell to Leaflet these past couple of days One to Little Less Lonely I mirrored it with my
Thats' Love *March 9' 2020*& Really am Drawn to his All the Way* & Shivers Melodies...And' I still have others from previous'Promises thank goodness'lol..
Anyway '
Sending Love & Light& Healing for your Higher Good 'k,
Your Earthbound
Angel LadyπŸ’žπŸžπŸ’ž

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Diane Clifford

The more I listen to this song, the more I love πŸ’• it, just awesome.....

Frank Klaudusz

Great stuff Steve

David Vitullo

A good song never heard this one,I like it

Shelley kay Klinke

So beautiful β™ͺ

Nick Coronado

Never heard this one. It's a great song.

Vince Champion

I absolutely LOVE this song.

john weldin

Beautiful voice my favorite.

Sylvia Diaz

This is one my favorites from FTLOSM, I am listening to the album right now. He did a wonderful job.

Geneva Duckworth

One of my favorites from this album!


Beautiful, Love flows like a river forever right or wrong love conquers all πŸ’•

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