Once In A Lifetime Girl
Steve Perry Lyrics

I understand

Did I tell you when?
Did I tell you how?
You turn my world
I'm gonna tell you now

You took my heart
You gave me yours
A love for me
I never felt before

You're my baby, baby
Oh baby, baby

Do you wanna go?
Do you wanna hear?
Do you wanna stay?
I love you, dear

So I ain't good at lying
I wouldn't lie to you
Believe me, baby
Should know it's true

I wanna keep you
Near by me, ohh
So everyone can see

That you're my baby, baby
Ohh, baby, baby, oh

Once in a lifetime, girl
Once in a lifetime, girl
Once in a lifetime, girl

Hold onto me, babe
Just like you are
Hold onto me tight
I might stumble and fall

Your love was so hard to endure
Don't need no doctor
Giving me no cure

Once in a lifetime, girl
Once in a lifetime, girl
Once in a lifetime, girl
Once in a lifetime, girl

I understand
Now, I understand
I understand

Once in a lifetime, girl
Once in a lifetime, girl
Once in a lifetime, girl

Baby, so come on
Let's do it again
More than a lover
You're more than a friend

Baby, I'm always
Wherever you are
Don't hide your feelings
Don't wander too far

Baby, so come on
Let's do it again
More than a lover
More than a friend

Baby, I'm always
Wherever you are
Don't hide your feelings
You'll wander too far

Baby, so come on
Let's do it again

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patricia fedick

πŸ’žπŸ’œπŸ’ž, And here's One for your patience.It came to me as I was placing the previous one .See, some times I cant stop them ,lololilol, I do try.lol

If I placed My Key ,
My Key,
Upon where you Rest Your Head At Night..
Would You,
Could You Find Me..
Would It Be In The Spring,
Where Waterfalls Into New Life.
If I Place My Key,
My Key,
In Plain Sight..
Would You,
Could You Find Me,
Would It Be In The Summer,
Under The Sunsets Delight..
If I placed My Key,
My Key,
In your Palm ..
Would You,
Could You,
Find Me In The Fall,
Where All Of Natures Colors
Give A Rainbow Premiere of Previous Seasons Growth.
If I placed My Key,
My Key,
Upon Your Heart...
Would You,
Could You Find Me,
In the Winter On One Snowy Night,
By the Fire In My Heart,
With My Temple Upon Your Chest ,
All else Falls,Aside. .
If I Placed My Key,
My Key Upon your Chest ,
Just to Rest My Wings Tonight. . .
If I placed My Key ,
My Key..
My Key. . .
My Key. . .

By Patricia G.Fedick/Des'Marest
June 30'2019 (C) All Rights Reserved.Thanks Again Steve..
And this also goes out to To anyone Learning to Trust...
Much Love,
Trisha/Purple Poetry πŸ’žπŸžπŸ’ž

patricia fedick

Hey Stevee Babee' Stepp'n out of This Side of things .To say How Proud'I Am Of You All For The'Higher Good.. Jst' wanted to let things settle a bit & I've Been on the Fly quite a bit myself...
Want to Bring you my Songlets I've Promise.So I'll be adding them as I go through out my day& nights ahead.
Now's Hoping With Much Out & Behind You ..Your Beautiful New Beginnings Awaits Each New'Step You Take Into Your Mornings From here out.
Me' well'h'lololilol. Remember Always'In Always...
How ever ' I'm having an Adjustment growth myself.Greek to many .Bt' Its not easy Holding The yoga Elbow Poise for Video'lololol.truth .So' I'm adding More Push ups to my Every two day thing.. lol.
I'll keep adding & sharing..
Gotta'step back in over here in the work mode thing at the moment though.
Much Love'

patricia fedick

In Nights New Love...
We are free,
We are the wind ,
We are the Breeze...
In nights new day, we settle and make a new way...
We Live through Lifes greatest emotions...
Never throwing them away,
Only are we the stronger. . .
For them,
We flow to new beginnings...
It never Comes with Ease,
In Nights New Love,
We Are Free,
The Wind ,
The Breeze. . .
In Nights New Love,
We flow into each other,
Sometimes Friends ,Sometimes Lovers...
We Are,
We Are,
The Wind,The Wind...
We Are,
The Breeze . . .
By: Patricia G. Fedick/ Des'Marest
Dec.03'2018 (C) All rights reserved
Yes, another one from behind your other I just posted.Like I said, previously. Steve,Your songs truely Inspire me. Like a feminine reflection answering your songs... I have droves I've been writing, usually on paper takes about 8- 10 minutes for me to do, if typing through key, double that time,lol. So, very thankful for your Poetic Expressions.They sway into me like a Waterfall.
Thank you, Trisha
This also goes out to any in need of a refreshed Life, and a new look on Love..

patricia fedick

Jst Touching In a quick second...
First off .So very Proud Of You.. And, you should Know that Self Love Is In order for you too.
Your Definitely Shining , As I knew was Possible...
And,my reason for stepping in here , is to share a lil' info.I mentioned previously...
I'll be getting Two Safety Security Boxes ..One for me to place the Sketches in & One Over where I mentioned to you...Now, I have a lil foot work to do on it As I'm going to get the Rights set by notary that I'm gifting it to you...I've also Stated on The Sketches themselves that it was to be given to you.So that's double verification..Now, Luckily Lil T my Lil Soul Sister...Is A Notary & I'll be asking her this morning for her services.. If not I know that most banks have them on hand as well.Ive had to do Real Estate transactions back when I've mention before..And, They are really convenient as well...So, either way I'll be getting them into the Safety Box...And, Then .I've been told that Brinks provides this service of transferring it to the other bank.All I'll need to do is pay the couriers fees. So, Looks Like Spirit is Shining through on this one ... I may share more information about myself on that send as well...So, You truely Know this is Coming From a Heart Of Light...Having Absolutely no expections..Other than , to right a Injustice. . .
And, I've been gifted along the way.. More than You could ever know..
In my Life , Respect & Free Will play Key to my light...As Long as its mutual...All Shines so much the Brighter...
Through many lessons of my own I've found that , Devine Timing is what's unlocked to anything In Life..
So, please know your energy has help me grow & is always welcome...
I'll keep you posted as I send out & the info.youll need .
And, I'll keep you up on My side of things as well , like I mention previously...
Much Love,
Trisha/Purple Poetry

patricia fedick

As Promised'
Hey Babee'
My Melody Man
Me To My Knees'
Your Voice'
It was You''
Your Voice Came Ringing Through.
Feeling It In The Heat
Yes '
Essences Of You''
No ' No '''
My Mic' Cant Save Me'
Not even a'Lit'l Bit'
In Feeling of The Moment'
That Slow Steady Wave 'of Lightening'
Of Fires Come'
Ringing Through'
Knock ''
Me To My knees '
You've Got Me'
My Melody Man'
Like Streaks'Of Flame'
You've Got Me'
Gasping For Trueth'
Needing To Breath'
No' Note'
My Melody Babee'
I try to Step Up
& Sing It Through'
Knock '''
Me To My Knees'
Feeling In'
It's my '
Feeling it in my Heart Place
For Relief'
I'm Telling you '
In Ways You Know '
The Flamed Fires of Trueth
Smitt'n My Thoughts
& Drop Me To The'Floor'
Those Flames Of Fire'
Feeling It In The Heat
Dropped me From My Mic.''
Brought me To my Knees'
You've Broken Through '
Every Melody Note'
I hide Behind ''
With Your Tender Kiss of Flames ' Rooms'To Play In'
Keep'n Me Safely'
Hey Melody Babee
My Babee'
My Babee ''
Feeling In the Heat
You've Dropped me '
My Knees ''
Even Angel's Kneel'
When she 'Does'
It is'The'Stair Way ''
To Your'Heavens'
Feeling It In The Heat
She Heard It'
In Your Voice Ringing In'
You've Dropped Trueth in Melody '
My Babee'
My Babee
My Knees''
Dropped Me'To My'
My Knees''
My Knees'''
My Knees''....
By Patricia G.Fedick/Des'Marest
October 16' 2020 (C) All Rights Reserved.
Always In Always '
My Lovely... Stay Sweet& Safely
This Also' goes Out To'
All Who have Been Knocked to thier Knees of Trueth& *Feeling It In The Heat*..
So Much Love & Light & Gratitude '
Trisha/Purple Poetry
Your Earthbound Angel

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David Vitullo

Steve Perry has written a lot of great songs

patricia fedick

I must Agree with you.& Upon Reflecting '
I believe His * We're Still Here*
Goes Much Further Than A Great Song. . . Especially ' with the World Stage Today...
Love & Light'
Trisha/Purple Poetry

Sheena M.

I'm surprised nobody commented on some of these songs. Splendid, as always Steve. Love your work.

Cherri Phelps

Thank you! This takes my mind off all of the craziness going on in our world! Stay safe....πŸ˜·πŸ™

Marion Thomas

One in a lifetime Girl; I was 13 when I heard a voice, a voice that has captivated me oh so long ago. Once in a lifetime a girl heard a voice, not just any voice but her soulmates voice was all it took for this girl to fall soul in love with you. I need not see what you looked like it didn't matter to my heart my soul knew you were my true love one, my souls only one. Once in a lifetime true love comes for this girl soul in love with you still. Always and forevermore, yours. My love for you will never change I promise you that. ❀

Wendy Hope

Another phenomenal song by the one and only Steve Perry! Love this song!

Paula Green

One of my favorites! Love me some Steve Perry!!❀❀

Denise Hedden

πŸ₯€WOWπŸ₯€UNBELIEVABLE BUT INCREDIBLE SONG! Steve Perry is amazing I've listened to this 2 time's and he took it where I don't think anyone else could his vocals so strong and mellow beautiful!πŸ₯€β˜οΈπŸ₯€

Denise Williamson

Nice song! πŸ‘

Dianelle Leroy

Great song!! Beautiful voice!! Steve you are the best singer.πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

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