Strung Out
Steve Perry Lyrics

One very happy warm summer night
I saw your face, what could I do?
So carefully I walked straight up to you

And in the shadows of a moonlit night
I saw those eyes a shinin' through
Heart of gold, I love you misty blue

Oh it's hard to love somebody
Especially when they don't belong to you
'Cause they're loving someone else,
Strung out and hung up on you

I feel like Bogart in a crazy movie
Bogie 'n me, we never beg,
But this time maybe I've got voices in my head

They're sayin' that he's never been good to you
And he's always hurt and let you down,
If what you need is good lovin', I'll be around

It's hard to love somebody
Especially when they don't belong to you
'Cause they're loving someone else,
Strung out and hung up on you.
Strung out, strung out

Well, it's hard to love somebody
Especially when they don't belong to you
'Cause they're loving someone else,
Strung out and hung up on you

It's hard to love somebody
Oh when they don't belong to you
'Cause they're loving someone else,
Strung out and hung up on you
Strung out and hung up on you
Yea, strung out
Yea, strung out
Strung out
Strung out
Strung out
Strung out

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Bob Eagle , Yes, those past insane schedules burnt him out. He had to stop. He’d lost his love of Music.

Check out these outrageous tours since Steve joined Journey in ‘77.
Whose vocals wouldn’t be burnt out~

I’m happy that he’s found it again. He’s always had versatility in those awesome vocals, so he can swing any genre.

His roots in R&B will always propel him to whatever he wants to sing from his soul. Steve is an amazing, humbled, talented man who has given us a treasure trove of magic.
His new Music is a breath of fresh air & awesome 🎶💕 .

Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band

@bglk2310 I started a Steve Perry tribute called Winds of March. All of us are FANATICAL about playing the album as recorded. I nearly passed out trying to sing the 24 beats at the 2:15-2:45 mark on one breath, While Steve did it live using 3 breaths; live tends to be harder...Chicago Soundstage late 70's here on YT.
I made it on one breath ONLY one time and I literally almost fell over! lol. My band was deeply impressed.

I don't sound anything like Steve, which I think is great because I sound like Michelle and it's still REALLY good.

I consider a serious tribute to be on par with classical music when done right and NOT to cash in.

In fact, in my band, you HAVE TO know Winds of March. We spring it on people at the auditions :). Sink or swim, baby, lol. Both myself and the guitar player have REALLY hard parts there.

It's all I've ever really wanted to do since 1983, 1st time I heard him on Separate Ways. HUGE, HUGE cornerstone influence.

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carlos more

i think... this is the best american singer ever ***


you NAILED it with the best American singer.
Freddie Mercury takes on all.

Perry was spot on though. It's so sad he walked away from it for 20 years. smh.

Richard Hebert

@redalrt4 Karen carpenter the best voice💯💯👍👍

susan vineyard

Sinatra is the Master Vocalist. From the very beginning to the end always evolving. He’d walk into a room to record with a live orchestra, and most times, 1 take. Exit. Steve was a masterpiece of the big vocal. Oh I melted. I wish he would have kept solo recording to broaden his skill. Hear he is working toward another album. I know he’s still got The Voice at 73. Hope it happens!!

Duane Elsbree

@minos121 lok.

Duane Elsbree

@redalrt4 dude study voice for a while. Karen carpenter is not even on the same planet as Steve Perry, but. No one i

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Cindy Fedack

Steve Perry is the best of all time nobody comes close


It's a FAN BASED OPINION. 2 TOTALLY different voices, so no there is NO comparison. And being a #1 Mercury fan..... Roger Taylor hits wayyyyyy higher than SP. Fact. He was much higher than Freddie himself. I love Perry. He'll be a legend as well. BUT I highly doubt if Steve was dying, had nothing but throat problems as Freddie did since the early 80's..if nobody knew that....he would NOT have been able to belt out The Show Must Go On......pieced together in one take no less.


@Duane Elsbree you couldn't be more wrong.... obviously you haven't heard too much of him & Queen. Roger Taylor alone can raise way above Steve's highest note. I am a HUGE fan of Perry....but facts are facts, and Freddie kept the world right where they shoulda been; in the palm of his hand.


@FARRINGTON Mercury and Roger Taylor take it. Perry CANNOT reach Taylor's range. And, he's not close to Mercury, but then, they are 2 totally different voices & styles.

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