When You're In Love
Steve Perry Lyrics

When you're in love
For the first time
Nothin' you can do
You lose your heart
For the first time, yeah
It's happenin' to you

You keep your life
In your pocket
Safely tucked away
When you're in love
For the first time
Whoa there's nothin' you can say

Listen now
There she goes lovin' you
She's holdin' your hand, yeah
You're thinkin' you're so strong
Oh, she's more than you can stand

When you're in love
For the first time
There's nothin' you can say
You're on your way
For the first time
Whoa it happens every day

Oh yeah
In love
So good
So nice

It happens all the time, yeah
It happens every day
Whoa my darlin'
Love is here to stay
And you're in love
For the first time
Nothin' you can do
Yes you're in love
For the first time
Whoa it's happening to you

Oh when you're in love
(When you're in love)
Oh nothin' you can do
'Cause when you're in love
(When you're in love)
When, when, when you're in love
When you're when you're in love
Nothin' you can do, no
When you're in love

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patricia fedick

So Many Rings Of Emotion ,
Bt, Only One Brings you Love...
One Ring of Hope,
A Love Circus ,
A Circus In the Deepest Ocean of Devotion...
A Ring Of Fire,
We Jump through For Desire...
A Dream Circus,
Everyone Admires ,
A Circus Top that goes up Higher & Higher...
To Many Rings Of Mood,
A Mood Circus,
Bt, Only One Rings in the Moment of Truth...
A Circus ,
Dream ,
But Only One Love Circus By The Sea Is For You...
Some Say Its Simple,
To Love,
TO Dream ,
To Hope,
Easy To Jump Fire By The Sea Rings Of Desire,
But, the Tight Rope Of Love,
A Love Circus,
Love Circus Of Devotion Rings In All Three At Once...
Brings In Hope's Truth...
A Love,
Of Truth,
Of Dreams ,
Of Love ,Love, Love,
My Lil' Love Circus,
Of Love. . .Of Love......
By:Patricia G.fedick/Des'Marest
Dec.13'2018 (C)All rights reserved.
So Much Thanks to You Steve. .. Stepping back out here to Sing to us, Has me refocusing, and realizing more and more. What comes from with in me.You are a Huge Inspiration, given me much courage as well.Thanks, again...Trisha
This Also Goes out to All who've been burnt by the flames of Lifes Lil' Circus Of Love....

patricia fedick

Hey Babeeh,
Skip that Shuffle,
Because, Its Christmas Cotton Candy T'night..
So your Saying,
You wanna test New Flavors T'night..
Yeah' Babeeh,
Let me Warn you Out right,
Skip that Shuffle,
Because , My Love Is Swirled with Lots of Hug'gan,
Big Time Kisses
With My Lil Girl Smile ,
For My One ,
For My Only,
Because, Its Christmas Cotton Candy T'night ...
It's in My words,
My Every,
MY Only Thoughts.
Its He ,
Its Him Only,
ONLY, He Hears Me Calling ...
He feels My Hand Holding,
Up Close,
Up Tight...
We Dance through The Mistical Moments Of Love...
Up Close,
UP tight,
Hey Bebeeh,
Skip ,
Because, Its Christmas Cotton Candy for Us T'night...
Up Close,
Lots of Hug'gan...
UP Tight,
Big Time Kisses...
My Only,
Shuffle ,
Cotton Candy ,
Christmas ,
Hand In Hand...
Melting Into,
Our Kisses T'night...
Only the Music of Our Two Hearts...
As One,
As Only,
Because ,Its Christmas Cotton Candy T'night...
Candy Kisses,
Into Our Love ,T'night....T'night,
Hey Babee,
By: Patricia G.Fedick/Des'Marest
Dec.13'2018 (C)All right reserved...
Thanks Again Steve... Yes, Even up beat Inspiration shines through your talents So, Thank you again. . .Trisha. ..
This Also, goes Out To Any who are feeling The Christmas Time Love Out There,And motivates the Ones Still Contemplating It .. . . ..

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πŸŒΉπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸŽ€πŸ•ŠThis tune has a little Jamaican Kick πŸ•ŠπŸŽ€πŸ’•πŸŽΆπŸŒΉ

Marion Thomas

When your in love for the first time it should also be the last time. Soul love never dies it goes on reaches out and waits; never giving my whole heart to anyone because Steve Perry you captivated me by your voice in turn my soul gave you my ❀. All my life I've held you close because I'm soul in love with you my whole life. Its so sad you'll never know my secret to keep and hold, and I hold it close to me, my heart, and soul. Steve, my heart is soul in love with your heart and soul. Its not what's on the outside, what counts is the inside heart and soul full of passion and compassion that is what stole my heart oh so long ago. Your passion and compassion I felt in your voice captivated me at age 13 nothing has changed I still feel the same, only my heart and soul is lonely for your heart and soul, compassion, and passion. Soul in love with you, heart missing you, tears silently streaming for you. Steve, I'm soul in love with you, True. I love you. I'm reaching for you, but you don't feel me, I'm invisible to you and that makes me sad too. If you could only feel my hearts words, I wish you could hear me, my heart and soul. Ill always keep wishing innocently, soul in love with you, my heart missing you. ❀


Steve has a knack of makin such catchy melodies❀ this is anudder of my faves from the '90's. Kick ass hawaiian/jamaican groove. 'There she goes lovin' you...'πŸ€™=^..^=

Cheryl McDaniel

Does your heart smile when you hear this song?

Melanie Dawson

When you’re in love, for the first time... love this!❀️

David Salucco

Ok, this is wierd, I have this CD and this version is not on it!!!!! WOW!!!


Real 🎢❀️

Denise Williamson

This is a feel good song! You feel happy and joyful!😌

Vince Champion

Love this song. So fun and and super catchy

Rachael Collins

That answers ?...

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