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by Steve Wynn

In the corner room they do what they wanna do
Oh no. Baby can I follow you down the hall?
In the wee hours, they don't want to know your name
Oh now. Baby what's your favorite game, can I play?

In the old days, did you have a killer line?
Oh yeah. I bet you really spoke your mind smooth and slow

Don't talk again
It doesn't matter now
Don't want to hear a thing
No way. No how.
Degraded and hated
Until the final bell

When the dawn breaks, where you gonna lay your head?
Oh yeah. Would you like to go to bed all alone?
When the news leaks are you gonna show your face?
Oh yeah. Are you gonna show disgrace to yourself?

When the film ends, will you let the credits roll?
Oh no. will you find a pot of gold by your head
When your good friend has a sudden change of plans
Oh yeah, when the money changes hands what will you do?

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