I'm Leaving You
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble Lyrics

I'm leavin' you woman, before I commit some crime
I'm leavin' you woman, before I commit a crime
You the evilest woman I think ever crossed my mind

You put poison in my coffee instead of milk and cream
You poison my coffee in with that milk and cream
You're the meanest woman I think I've most ever seen

You mix my drink with a can of Red Devil lye
You mix my drink with a can of Red Devil lye
Then you sit right down, watchin' me, hopin' I might die

You better be watchin' me baby, it was not my time
You better be watchin' me baby, just might be your time

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The more ive been delving into srv and his music/songs, the more im realizing this guy was one of the all time best..

Boss Hogg

@Davide Gelao I would agree but in his own way. Overall, Clapton is King.

Boss Hogg

This 57 year old black man completely agrees...

shirley buffington

@suzySRVgirl4ever I am working on reading it a second time and I will tell anyone that like Stevie to check it out and it helps his fans learn more about him. One of my favorite story in the book that show how goofy he was when they was talking about him getting organized who he was staying with said they heard a noice real early in the morning when into the living room and Stevie was sitting in the middle of the floor putting a office organizer together and they asked what are you doing and I love Stevie’s reply he said I am getting organized.


@shirley buffington Yes! I bought that book when it first came out! It’s a great read, nothing made up like some of the other books out there just facts told by the ones who we’re closest to him and knew him extremely well. I highly recommend this to anyone who hasn’t read it.

shirley buffington

Yes he was one of a kind and the thing about it all the fame he had he never let it go to his head he was as humble in the end as he was in the beginning about his playing. If you haven’t checked it out get the book Texas Flood and you can get a look at the stories and behind the scenes a lot of people hadn’t unless they have read the book.

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justin bishop

I WAS THERE!!! AT THIS CONCERT!!!  Mardi Gras, I'm looking at ticket stub right now, still got it!! Feb 26 1987, Riverboat President, unforgettable experience, w/the Fabulous Thunderbirds, they played up to 5 or 6 in the morning!!

Tennessee Tracer

Wish I had been there.

Boss Hogg

Congratulations! That was a once-in-a-lifetime event!

Rice Flatpicking

Wow! That’s so fucking awesome! Glad you got to go bro!

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