I Don't Know Why
Stevie Wonder Lyrics

I don't know why I love you
I don't know why I love you
I don't know why I love you
But I love you

Always treat me like a fool
Kick me when I'm down that's your rule
I don't know why I love you
But I love you
Oh you never stop your
Cheatin' ways with another guy
You laugh in my face
Lord how long must I be disgraced

Cause I love you
Oh baby, baby, baby
I don't know why I love you
I don't know

You and me baby, oh
I don't know why I love you baby
But I love you baby
Oh darlin', darlin', darlin'

You throw my heart down in the dirt
You made me crawl on
This cold black earth, baby
No I never, I never knew

How much love could hurt
Until I loved you baby
'Til I loved you baby, baby
Oh baby, I can't stop

I can't stop crying can't you see
Here I'm pleadin' on my knees
I'm on my knees
Won't you help me, help me please

Cause I love you, I love you baby
Sure enough, baby, yeah
I don't know, you don't know
We don't know none of us

Can't do nothing about it
I don't know, I don't know
Oh baby, I don't know, I don't know
Nobody can do nothing about it

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


This was a B side (of "Ma Cherie Amour," if memory serves), and should have been a throwaway... instead, it's a masterpiece.
It's not the form of the tune... The form is repetitious, there isn't even a bridge.
It's the escalating arrangement (extremely well-conceived), the expertise of the Funk Bros. rhythm section (I hope I'm right about that), and Stevie's ability and MUSICIANSHIP in knowing how to start small and work up to LARGE.
For any of us that fancy ourselves to be musician/performers:
Actually "I Don't Know Why"  was released as the A side and  and followup single to "For Once in My Life" in early 69, with "My Cherie Amour" was the B side single. The single was not a big hit, but the B side became a huge hit for Stevie Wonder that summer.
That is fascinating! 
I had no idea...  but proof, once again, that The Marketplace decides.

All comments from YouTube:

Brittany Garrison

Stevie never cared for this song but it's my favorite of all his masterpieces. Prettiest voice I've ever heard. He is a gift from God.


Is that right? I didn't know that, this is one of my favourite songs.

Richard Jones

I heard this on the radio for the first time ever today and I now do believe it’s my favourite Stevie Wonder song and probably my favourite Motown track of all time, all in the space of a couple of hours......

Anthony AUSTIN

I grew up listening to stevie ..saw him in concert aged 18 and only heard this track just a few days ago at the ripe old age of 54 and it was worth the wait x

kieron kjar

The peak is amazing

Angela Faison

Thanks to Scandal this is my new Favorite Song!!! #FitzandLiv


Listen to the Jackson 5's version, they tore it up..


Def agree

Maya Lovewells

Angela Faison meeeeee toooii

Preshus Wilkins

Scandal has such great songs! Great playlist Shonda Rhimes!!!

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