Seems So Long
Stevie Wonder Lyrics

Lady love and lady cared
But lady went away
And left me all alone to suffer

And now I feel it's not fair
For me to fall in love
The truth is the real me you must uncover

Seems so long, since I've heard the sound
It's been so long, since I've trusted in someone else
Had to see it all for myself
It's been so long, that the world seems cold
But I think it's time in my life to find myself again

Lady loved and lady stayed
Until she was too pleased
She knew I wouldn't leave for her to suffer
I'd never make her suffer

I believe you're just like me
In that you understand
You want me for your man to always love me

You can believe it's seems so long, since I've touched a wanting hand
Oh, it seems so long, since I've trusted in someone else
Had to see this world for myself
And it's been so long that the world seems cold
Now I think I've found someone to make me trust in someone again

I believe that I can trust in you

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Stevie wonder where I am coming from 1971 out of the blue and think of me as your soldier were good songs on that album

Stevie Wonder 1972 music of my mind. super women where were you when I needed you, girl blue and this song seems so long

Stevie wonder talking book 1972. you’ve got it bad girl, you and I can conquer the world,Tuesday’s heart break,blame it on the sun,looking for another pure love and I believe ( I believe when I fall in love it will be forever ) great great songs 👍

Steve wonder innervisions 1973 too high,visions,golden lady,all in fair is love and don’t you worry about a thing are great songs

Stevie wonder Fulfillingness first finale 1974 smile please, heaven is 10 zillion light years away, too shy to say, creepin, they won’t go when I go and please don’t go are good songs.

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Published on Feb 13, 2008

Track 7 : Seems So Long
Artist : Stevie Wonder
Fan Made Music Video
The Best of 1972 Albums of the Year
Album : Music of My Mind
Released : March 3, 1972
Studio : Media Sound,
Genre : Soul, funk
Length : 47:53
Label : Tamla
Producer : Malcolm Cecil

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Hard to believe this is 1972, JESUS Stevie is the best artist on the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marc Smith

I wasn't born yet, I arrived in 1974. Glad my
parents introduced me to timeless soul touching music

Dean Sinclair

Amen to that! Just finished my first volume of Poetry at Facebook Dean Sinclair poetry used Stevie as my Soundtrack ❤️ Stevie so much thank you Stevie. God blesd

Gabriel Bergman

He is the goat, period!

Geoff Brown

Litterally physically impossible to listen to it just once .

Marc Smith

Same here bro

Froggy Johnson

Spot on. I always listen to it at least twice.

Mark Impact

Yes, I agree


Everyone who has ever listened to a Stevie record has had to come to terms with pure raw emotion and finally see themselves for who they are as a person. What makes them click, why they do what they do, how they live there lives. Stevie's music is a soundtrack for all of us who reconize it as so. It's part of us. We use it as a means to escape our daily lives and to remind us that there is still good in this world. We luv him so much and thank God he's ours.

Always Learning

That is by far the best way I could ever describe it dude. It's like how I talk about Stevie wow, to the detail. "I'm not alone anymore" haha. People around me "like" Stevie but it really takes one to realize his true depth and the admiration of such. I'm just 32 almost 33 now but Stevie has dominated my life since childhood. Funny given I was raised on Earth, Wind, and Fire and Frankie Beverley and Maze by my Dad. He was a lead singer(tenor to falsetto)/percussionist of his own band Megaflyte that were very Heatwave like, another fav. I finally snagged his old cassette tape without him knowing so going to convert that to mp3 and will pop on youtube this week most likely. Stay tuned. 🙃🙃

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