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Lay my head on the surgeon's table
Take my fingerprints if you are able
Pick my brains pick my pockets
Steal my eyeballs and come back for the sockets
Run every kind of test from A to Z
And you'll still know nothing 'bout me

Run my name though your computer
Mention me in passing to your college tutor
Check my records check my facts
Check if I paid my income tax
Pore over everything in my C.V.
But you'll still know nothing 'bout me
You'll still know nothing 'bout me

You don't need to read no books on my history
I'm a simple man, it's no big mystery
In the cold weather, a hand needs a glove
At times like this, a lonely man like me needs love

Search my house with a fine tooth comb
Turn over everything 'cause I won't be at home
Set up your microscope and tell me what you see
You'll still know nothing 'bout me

Written by: STING

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Frank Stoeffler

An Apology from God
I opened a door
he walked through to a wonderful dawn
all was given in his hands
as all wanted him more than life
from his words to his hem
all ask if he took a wife
He was a rebel... much against my will
He healed any who came his way
Regardless of redemption, confession, or wealth
all wanted him to stay
Have no mercy on this God
or any adversary I create
Just love my son
who wanted to kill hate
As I watched him suffer stripes
in torture as all took a swing
A bloody mass was his body
as a piece of wood was given to a king
To a place called Golgatha now Gordon's calvary
As the high priest tried to pray and sing
while the veil was torn in a place holy
This world had their chance while he was here
Bacteria, virus, cancers are the result of human hands
or nature WE created in genes we hold dear
All death of young or old I stake no claim
My apology is that I gave him to you
to beat and torture with all his blood to stain
forever and a day...
I really don't like Hitler and shove a pineapple up his butt
every time I want..
Know now God may have created but doesn't rule..
least not here...
This writing is copyright 1/9/2017
signed Gordon of Gondor <wink>

Frank Stoeffler

Hello Sting, my name is Gordon Stoeffler.... time to share my novel..... so far.... now gotta pay for the rest in print... . This is the start of a novel .. not a poem... it starts under the Shoofly Tree in Bay St. Louis, MS... the inspiration was from J.R. Richards in 1996 who I met and Anne Rice as I read all of "Memnoch the Devil." under that tree... I grew weary of novels inspired by devils... what if a man talked to God... not Jesus.. creator...?
1st chapter
Asa had just finished strolling through the Bay St. Louis graveyard that had become a Saturday morning ritual for many months now, rain or shine. Most of his week was devoted to writing obituaries for the Times-Picayune but Saturday mornings belonged only to him so he could find a few hours of peace and read the best in fiction.
As he crossed the railroad tracks, he looked up and could tell it would be a good day and free of foul weather. The sky was neon azure with high fluffy cotton candy clouds enlightened by the gold and orange rays of a rising Sun. The giant oak tree was only a hundred feet from the railroad tracks and surrounded by a huge circular deck with benches along every border. Asa approached the steps that ascended to the deck with a hard back novel under his arm. He like to read here because of peacefulness with the exception of an occasional passing train but learned to filter out the noise while reading and sometimes enjoyed watching them pass by while daydreaming. Asa sat with a view of the tracks and graveyard to his left, the huge gnarled trunk of the tree to his right, and could see to top of the swings in the church playground across the street.
He heard the horn a few moments before feeling the rumble and knew a train was coming then seeing it round a curve in the distance. As the train passed, Asa stood up and watched, he wondered what was the story behind every car since its creation. He was curious as to what it had tranported in the past, where it had been, where will it go, and the story behind every word of graffiti painted on her sides.
When the last car passed, he turned to his right and that was when he first saw her sitting on a bench near the steps. Her hair was the color of a raven and it fell way past her shoulders on her upper arms in curls. She was bent over with her elbows on her knees, hands interlaced under her chin supporting a slim childish face with a wide inviting smile that hinted of mischief, and brown milk chocolate eyes that could disarm any dog of war.
Her clothes were casual and spoke of a not so distant time; faded bell bottom jeans, a white shirt with oversized sleeves like a pirate would wear, and leather sandals that had seen better days...the leather was cracked and faded seeing to much Sunlight.
The fact that she was sitting there didn't disturb Asa but the fact that he felt so subdued and calm as they looked at each other was unnerving and seemed like a moment yet a lifetime.
Everything seemed to stand still; no breeze, no hum of insects, no elated cries of the children across the street, with the only sound being the fading rumble of the train in the distance. Asa slowly sat down...
Then she spoke.
"You grow weary of writing about the dead."
Her words felt like ice cold water thrown on his face as if he woke from slumber and her voice was a melody of struck bells or piano keys.
'Hello, my name is Asa... what's your name?' he managed
to say in the shock and numbness of the moment.
Warm laughter spilled from her mouth as she sat upright and put her hands on her knees. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you ... I am... hmmm, you can call me Emma."
'hmmm, that's a beautiful name. Is it short for another name?"
"Yes, but I'll tell you later. I want to tell you many things... call it an interview. I'll answer any question you have and give you something to write about that is better than gold."
Asa chuckled 'Hope I don't have to sell my soul for your story.'
She looked at Asa... it was a moment inside a moment and Asa knew that Emma was/is something bigger than himself. Something better than human....
"No, you don't have to sell anything except your time in our conversation and all I'll tell you is between us but I'd like some of it to reach eyes in print and that is why I've chosen you. "
'Me? I write about dead people in a newspaper with ever decreasing readers with every week that passes. Why would you want me ? '
"You're better than Moses in this age... you write truth and honesty without authority. What you write is objective and only open to eyes who can see. I want you to tell my story without pre-judgement or prejudice. I want people to know that I have little control with anything in this world you call your own."
"Asa, would you like to know what I know?" she said.
Asa thought huge... grand things in written word but also thought to run like he never ran ever....that was when he noticed all was still... no crickets chirping.... no breeze... the Sun was set in the sky and unmoving.
He tried to swallow with no spit and said, 'Yes... YES... I'm your Man.. ummm author.'
Her smile disarmed him and made him more at ease with the overall weirdness since she appeared. Asa was shaken with the sudden return of warmth from the Sun, the children's voices, and the chirp of crickets again. The breeze once again flowed through the leaves and branches of the mighty oak they sat under and it seemed if he had sat here a lifetime in that awkward moment when the world stood still.
Asa knew Emma wasn't of our world yet part of her bones in the most subtile yet most profound ways were more human than human. Something older....
'I've always wanted something larger to my reality... something greater than my imagination to prove what little faith I have outside my... our reality.' He said as he sat there with a weary, relieved, but slightly fearful expression on his face.
With a sigh and posture of surrender he asked....
'Please tell me everything.'
"Well, call it a sign.. call it whatever you will but you want everything?" Emma said with a chuckle. "I'd like to keep a few secrets to myself if you don't mind for not even Satan or Lucifer know all I contain."
'Okay Emma, to start, tell me about those two names and all you know about them.'
Emma sat there and turned her gaze to the railrod tracks then sighed with a huge exhale while shaking her head and whispered "How predictable."
To Asa, she seemed slightly wilted in her posture as a tear formed and flowed down her cheek. "This world seems to want to know more about them than me... yes, Asa, call me jealous. Forgive this weakness in me."
"No, No, No... I'm sorry but you said their names first and I'm curious... just wanted to keep our conversation flowing.' Asa said with an honest dejected demeaner.
"You're right, Asa, and now you know I'm as human as you are in some ways. Okay... Satan isn't a paticuliar individual... more like an office held for a time by any I place in that office. Satan reports to me and like one of the great presidents said, The Buck Stops Here."
Emma looked back at Asa and seemed to surrender as Asa had earlier like a child caught with their hand in the cookie jar.
"The proof of what I just told you is in the book of JOB. Satan walks the earth and the heavens with freewill... Satan talks with me and even made a bet with me on Job's faith."
`Whoa... Whoa... Satan is supposed to be evil and against us mortals... I'm now confused.' Asa said with a defeated look as he spit on the deck of the gazebo...
"Asa, so few today read what is called the Bible... oh' they may read a few lines or piecemeal chapters together but FEW read it cover to cover and understand... why? One key... pray to me and ask for understanding."
Emma stood and Asa was in awe... she stood over 6 feet and the world stood still once more...
"Asa, so many sign contracts without reading the fine print and even though I don't ask any to sign a contract with me, I do expect them to read all in regard to me... we have a lot to talk about in regard to the word Satan but know this one fact....
Emma spoke these words... (Is 45:7)
"I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things."
"I'm here talking with you trying to clear up the confusion. Yes, Asa... the buck stops here."
Asa looked away for the first time from Emma and looked on the graveyard... stones on top of stones as he tried to drink in all said so far.
'Emma, we'll come back to those names... put them aside... I have no wisdom to deal with... absorb.... all you tell me.' Asa said with eyes of full of hope and a mouth full of doubt.
"Here is where all men will start to hate you and me.... read the old testament, wisdom is always called she or her... never he or him.... and while on the subject.... God is us, we, and our... not he or she..... read the first chapter. From Gen. 1:1-25 God has no gender... then there is this....
26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.
Now we start talking about many things few and none have ever known."

Chapter 2
Emma sat back down with a sigh with her hands on her face sliding down to clasped hands under her chin like a parent about to explain something very important to their child as she asked Asa, do you know what the word Satan means?"
'No, I just thought it was the name of a devil... something evil."
"Satan in Hebrew means the adversary." And for the first time, Emma seemed more distressed than Asa. "Asa, I created my own Satan and that is how I'll explain Satan to you... just know again... the buck stops here."
Emma looked at the sky and saw that it was noon and laughed... "you must be hungry and I

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Juan Jose Rodriguez

The most underrated album in music history... period.

Andrew Isip

I agree


@Juan Jose Rodriguez Dr. Dre? What are you talking about? Facts speak for themself: 5 Grammy nominations with 3 won, 1 Brit Award, all high professional magazine ratings... Just accept you were wrong here.

Juan Jose Rodriguez

Rondo2ooo by who? By the ones that said that dr Dre, and notorius BIg álbums where better? Your answer is more stupid.


Stupid comment, Juan José. It was highly rated.

Rafel Rosell Sagrera

Best Sting album

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Tou Fik

Elegance, class, humor. So British, so Sting.

Takayuki Ishiguro

The dog still knows nothing 'bout Sting.


Its anything but light hearted!!! Listen to the lyrics..."1984" orwell


Love this song and what a great video. I like the dog wandering around the room while they're playing. He looks at everyone as if he's saying, "Hey, isn't anyone going to pet me or give me some attention?" Lol!

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