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In Europe and America there's a growing feeling of hysteria
Conditioned to respond to all the threats
In the rhetorical speeches of the Soviets
Mister Krushchev said, "We will bury you"
I don't subscribe to this point of view
It'd be such an ignorant thing to do
If the Russians love their children too
How can I save my little boy from Oppenheimer's deadly toy?
There is no monopoly on common sense
On either side of the political fence
We share the same biology, regardless of ideology
Believe me when I say to you
I hope the Russians love their children too

There is no historical precedent
To put the words in the mouth of the president?
There's no such thing as a winnable war
It's a lie we don't believe anymore
Mister Reagan says, "We will protect you"
I don't subscribe to this point of view
Believe me when I say to you
I hope the Russians love their children too
We share the same biology, regardless of ideology
But what might save us, me and you
Is if the Russians love their children too

Written by: Serge Prokofieff, Gordon Sumner

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Kolektivo Azul

Russians <3

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Empress Touch

Beautiful music
accompanied by world-class lyrics throughout.

I'm not Sting's biggest fan,
but I hope we all have it in us to recognise talent, vision and maturity
in the art of great songwriting and recording.

There's an art to conveying a message that a musician may feel inclined to bring to listeners' attention - even if some choose not to agree with the content.
Just like there's an art to writing a novel, acting, or keeping a football out of the goalposts for 90-120 minutes.

The 'Everything Counts'.
The 'Skin Trade's.
The 'Live To Tell's.

In short: the world's a much, much better place with music of this very high standard.

Еlizаvеta Z

When I was a little girl (in Russia) they made me memorise a short poem in English. It went like this
I like Elvis
I like Sting
I like gardening in the spring
I like icecream
I like cake
I like sailing on the lake
I like English
I like school
I like sitting by the pool

This is how I learned about Sting at the age of 9... 27 now.

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We have studied this song 5 years ago in our History class in France. 5 years later I'm still listening to this. Such a masterpiece

Astrid Rossignol

@stingray4real je sais et il y a une pièce de théâtre du temps de l'union soviétique..


Sting was influenced by Sergei Prokofiev's Lieutenant Kije masterpiece tune used in his song.

Astrid Rossignol

@Rush P. 😏..

Rush P.

@Astrid Rossignol Ouep. Enorme.
Je disait que la matière du programme d’histoire dans vos écoles, c’est chan-mé

Astrid Rossignol

@Rush P. je ne vous comprends pas bien, c'est loin d'être grave..cette chanson parle beaucoup..🐦

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Manuel Dopico

Who's listening this master piece in 2021?

Leonardo Milani

Me and I am crying.

Monica Satite

Monika, Argentina

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