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City Lights
by Stockyard Stoics

The stars they sure shine brighter out here
And we've got nothing much to do
The same old ghosts come around
Running aground on the lonely avenue
All drowning in good cheer

Nooks and crannies telling stories up and down the block
About which ones went to heaven
Which ones got left on the carving block
Should have, could have
If you'd had the chance do you really think you would have
done it any different than you did?

And the days fly by on their own
And the names fade away all unknown
And the walls fall down overgrown
Empty, broken down, and all alone

Looking out the window never in the looking glass
Faces fade and sites degrade but it will all come back
Every orchestral escape and every early kill
Will leave another empty space to fill

A portrait is the sum of all its parts and so much more
And you're a part of mine as I hope I'm a part of yours
Those bright old stars sealed up in jars are shining all they can
While heavy clouds just keep on rolling in


The stars they still shine brighter out there
And in that gentle light the scars don't show
Counting down until closing time
Shaking, breaking, gasping in the glow
Of the last town down the line

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