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by Straight From The Grave

Throw it all away. Cast aside your ambitions, cast aside your self.
Keep your feelings and emotions swept under the floorboards,
for you're being led astray.

An innocent sheep soon to breathe with a pack of wolves.
Either to be slaughtered or mirrored.
With tales of fulfillment and fame reflecting off every surface.
How can you be to blame? With countless paths to take do you even realize what's at stake? Deceit and destiny.
Your eyes play tricks, "follow your heart".

You were never meant to win this race alone, doomed from the start.
Stop relying on yourself, can't you see how disgusting you truly are?
Swept under the current of anonymity, flesh urges for regularity.
Be warned, fulfillment will not be gained from these beaten paths,
seek the narrow, achieve your destiny.

The thought of carving your own way, can be scary, thinking you're alone,
breaking away from all the clones.
You're not alone, on the contrary,
you'll be guided from the path to Hell by light itself.

Die to yourself. Regain your footing, stand firm on solid ground.
Refocus your sight ahead, don't look back, behold your new life.
Perceive the light rising up past the horizon, mirroring the new born joy ascending in your heart.

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