Amnesia Hero
Stray From the Path Lyrics

Scrambling for the phone - Screaming to a dial tone - couldnt get 3 digits down before i had you out the door - I know your shaking - But the gas pedal is shackled to the floor - And in the back seat - Fluttered poems of you imperfected with stab wounds inflicted by by the malicious intent of theraputic inkfilled utensils - Your lips trapped shut by the webs that you've spun - Dont Speak to me as if the blindfold around your head were a halo - your apologies are bandaids for a hemopheliac - Your Eye's see not where we venture nor the smile that this brings me - you're imprisoned in a constant state of tension - this morning i was as calm as a sheriff in a ghost town - but thats what happends when you cope with death - it's not warm enough for your heart to thaw out - and i dont think it ever will be - But i swear to god this will all be over soon - the red light up ahead serves as a warning solely to those who wish to live - just the fact that i removed all the airbags shows that my intentions are strong willed - And it's strange how tomorrow's diamonds in the street will be this evenings razors across your face - when they find us they'll see your lipstick smeared and rivers of mascara decending down your mangled cheeks - Did you ever think a windsheild would be the last thing that you kissed - WHATS THE DEAL WITH ALL THE AIRLINE FOOD? - I'll rid the world of you - but to survive and not recall the deed im about to do would be worse than death itself - I'd let you finally point the finger at yourself - If i had kept the keys for the handcuffs - -good bye -
My life's not worth as
Much as your death

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Were there ever CDs made for this album?

mega fgc

ya I def had one lmao. I was like 13 or something and my cousin was super tight with all of stray. This was the demo that introduced me to the local hardcore scene at the time. I think it was like 02ish? Crazy to think tom is still out there killing it now.

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