Formaldehyde Kiss
Stray From the Path Lyrics

There is a sentence
Sprawled on a single piece of paper
Beside a mattress assuring me that
My heart will never break
And I'm as dependent on it
As a hopeless addict
On the needle being clean
Broken framed photographs
Perched on aging furniture
Unconsciously reminding me
As does the shrapnel scar of
A wounded vet
You know its love when we
Dance without moving and converse
Without the lifting of tongues
Every silver will tarnish
Every flower will wither, but if
You part before one heart stops
With my last dying breath... I swear..
I would die a thousand deaths...
Before I let your lips touch mine...

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Comments from YouTube:

Matt T

God this album was such a cool mix of sounds

John Jonsén

This is STFPs second album, the one before Villains. Some of the songs on it are reeeeeally good, you should check it out.

Ty P

Still banging to this day!


Upload the rest of the album! Through thick & thin!!!


This is when stray was awesome :/

Montserrat Montes Aguilera

so sick. all i know is there new stuff. UNTIL NOW.

V Quezada

this sounds a lot like norma jean but with a nice melodic twist


somebody upload the whole album, I'm too lazy!

Travis Thornton

glad this is on here

Lisa Dixon

I use to yell to play this at drew when he first started w stray lol..hed get tight

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