Stray From the Path Lyrics

I've become so detached from the things that were once so important to me,
brick walls in the road trying hard to remember,
but never asking to forget.
And I ask you help me never to forget
and when you ask my brother if he knows my name
I assure you that the answer will be you know "I don't think we ever met."

It's time to let go,
bury the past
but not to forget the times that we had
but I can look back at everything we've done back then
let go..
I've done all that I can.

Now when I reach our you run to your nearest haven
when I look into your eyes I almost feel embarrassed.

I've done all that I could,
but you're ripping things away
so weak and so powerful
so content with the lies you say.

But I don't know if its the feeling of defeat
that is stinging my heart.
Or is it the void inside of me that is asking to be filled.
I never thought that I could feel this way before
and now I find myself never asking to forget

It's time to let go,
bury the past
but not to forget the times that we had
good lives when you know there's nothing left to hold
Let go I've done all that I can.

So weak so powerful
So content with the lies you say.

Contributed by London P. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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@A7xivano626 When I first heard them, I thought nothing special of them. But over time they grew on me on me and I began to look at the messages they have in their songs and the emotion they put in their songs. Now they are one of my favorite hardcore bands besides Defeater and Comeback Kid.

Unholy Tim

This is some heavy shit and I like it.


Now I realize that he was trying to say the drummers brother. I thought Drumer was a name..

Michael Hartley

SFTP doesn't really have a big fan base, it's more something you'd hear in interviews and stuff.


This Song Is About The Drumers Brother ,That He Really Didnt Get To See,

Alfonso Wondercrotch IV Esq.

@A7xivano626 At first, me neither - but they grow on you (or maybe I just like anything I hear more than once idk lol)


why does this sound a little djenty?


go to a show and the mosher's feet will show how much they don't like your face


cuz they recorded it with misha from periphery and as with veil of maya he wrote 3/4ths of this album too. fail


Who the fuck is the Drumers Brother? And why can't google find anything about him?

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