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Stray From the Path Lyrics

I know This Whore Named democracy
She'll spread her legs for the highest bidder
She's about to be fucked to death
By a multinational demi-God
I know this this preacher named capitalism
He speakes off bliss through competition
He hides a boy, with secrets to tell
The boy's name, third world
I know the fucker named neo liberalist
Handcuffed and gaggedin the back of my caddie there's a brick on the gas, and about a mile off open road
About a mile of open road,
Before the ocean side cliff that awaits his arrival

Will !

All !

Meet !

Their !

Demise !

The Smiles Collapse When The Camera's Turn Off!

Contributed by Dylan D. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

ray sneed

This is such a sick song live i seen them play with times of grace, underoath, and letlive they all are so epic!!!!!!


Thank you Sumerian for uploading all these tracks for us. You're the best label in the entire world, and there's nothing I'd rather do than see your bands in concert and show my support. Stray From The Path is so fucking sexy. Totally underrated band. They need their own headlining tour.

Ciarán Harte

Brilliant live band, really get the crowd going, they're great! :)

Noah Brierley

ive been listening to this band for almost a year seen them live once and these lyrics to this song are amazing. The way they worded the lyrics is extremewly intelligent and clever Love this fucking band!!


I really like these guys, I've noticed alot of subtle 90's Deftones and Rage Against The Machine influences. Definitely something music has been lacking in recent days.

Wasted Space

I've seen this performed live in a living room and death before dishonor followed them. BEST SHOW EVER!!

Vito Costa

saw them live and thats how i heard of them. they put on a pretty intense show :)

Bethany Leicester

Seen this live last night at TGI, so good!


What gives you the right to think that you can come and save me? Goddamn these guys are about everything I stand for

Ryan K

@MathewRussello Every single band on this label deserves their own headlining tour, they're all amazing.

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