The Laughing Man
Stray From the Path Lyrics

It's a trap
And I feel like I'm under attack
Should I speak the words I mean or should I just hold back?
With so much negativity,
How can you really see the best of me?
…And who's to blame when blaming is the recipe
A mix of misery and apathy
This is a trap
And I should have seen it coming
"..And that's the trouble, you can't ever find a place that's peaceful because
There isn't any. You may think there is, but once you get there when you're not
Looking they'll sneak up and write 'Fuck You' right under your nose…"
[the catcher in the rye]

This is a trap
I feel set up like I'm under attack
This is a trap
Should I say what I mean
Or should I just hold back?
You're the unwanted ones
You're the unwanted ones
Misery - Apathy

Today can be the first day of your life
Don't shoot me down just to put us in the same place
Today can be the first day of your life
Wake up today and give this world a new face
Today can be the first day of your life
Today can be the first day of your life

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Comments from YouTube:

Dan Grose

I've been watching your covers for awhile now and I feel this one is the best in regards to a well balanced sound. Great job! Did you use any reverb on any parts of the mix? Personally, I think the toms with a deeper warmer tone always sound better.


Hey man! Thanks a lot for the kind words! I did use reverb on parts of the mix, primarily on my snare drum. I do need to work on my tom sounds a bit. They have always been the weakest link in my mixes. Hopefully when I start posting videos again, that will change... haha!

Farhad Kalwar

Signed in just to like this. Very great job, man. Inspiring as hell, from one drummer to another. Keep it up. (Dig your tom set-up, btw)

Mattias Ulmestrand

Man you're good! You don't seem to get a single miss, great job. :]

Mario Persico

Spot on! Great cover dude you should do the escape artist off that album next sure itd be sick!

N Woly

WOW. Bang-fuckin-ON. One of the best drum covers I have ever seen.

Tony Vitarelli

Its outstanding to see someone with such groove man. You are going somewhere fast haha


So groovy man! Great work:)


that was amazing! what snare do you use?


@mikea4432 Hey man! Thanks so much! I really appreciate the kind words!

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