Thick and Thin
Stray From the Path Lyrics

We've been through so much
But it's only just begun
I like to think back to
Where this all started from
Back to the days when
Your friends are what mattered most and we took that for granted
And sometimes it takes
The loss of one to open your eyes
To what you've really got
Through thick and thin believe me when I say
I'll always be there for you
I'll die for any one of you

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Comments from YouTube:

Final Destination

Although I’ve outgrown the edgy antigodness of my 20s this shit still goes hard af

Codifer Deines

My favorite part of their songs "BLEEEEEEEHHHHHH" Love these guys.

Wasted Space

Saw this live inside of a one story houses living room... AMAZING night

William Hardway

Cheers, Friend


Am I on my own when I say that my first impression of these reminded me of Rage Against the Machine? I dont mean their sound, but their songs and lyrics have that 'rebellion' theme that RATM had, they are sick as fuck


@Jordan Sharp just listened absolutely sick

Jordan Sharp

they do an amazing cover of vietnow. if you havent heard it yet, you should seriously check it out.

Ryan Dyess

And it's all logical

Katlyn Aguilar

@Ronan Some of their songs have an almost identical sound to RATM. I say if rage had a baby and it grew up its stray from the path.


@CynicalDuty oh right Im new to this band so i didnt know

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