Loves a Loser
Street Corner Symphony Lyrics

It's not much fun, when you buy me a lunch with an I owe you.
It's not much fun, all by myself when I know you knew.
I'm sad waiting for hours when you never showed.
Another sunset is gone, and I'm still alone.

You've no idea quite what I withstand.
But I'm not upset because I understand
That everybody loves a loser.

I'm not so entertained by my misery.
As I am by my incessant baber…ly…???
Just what would you expect from someone like me.
Inclined to hope for somebody who's listening

Everybody loves a loser

They've no regard for me, for I'm another poser to them.
I need no sympathy but please don't change again.
As bad as you are, your better than that.

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