Street Corner Symphony Lyrics

One, two, three: look what you're doing to me with your voodoo.
I'm caught in a trance when you're dancing, baby, the way you do.
Those devilish eyes, girl, they blow my mind,
and you're pouring me a glass of your blood-red wine.
There's no use trying to resist your wicked ways.
Hey . . .

Girl, your body's moving like a snake.
(With that voodoo.)
No matter where I go, I can't escape.
(From your voodoo.)
Every night you're keeping me awake.
(With that voodoo.)
I guess I can't refuse anything that you do with your voodoo.

She's a moonlight murderer to say the least, she's a killer.
(She will kill you for sure if you're near her.)
You want a midnight snack, but she'll give you a feast if you will her.
(She will give you a feast if you will her; she will kill you for sure if you're near her.)
Her fingernails scratching all down your back,
she could make a young man have a heart attack.
Now there's no use trying to resist her wicked ways.
Hey . . .

Your halo's tossed out the window,
and your wings thrown on the floor.
You were acting so sweet 'til we were under the sheets, but no more.

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Comments from YouTube:


Incredible, the music is fantastic, the voices are mind-bending


This song is dope fellas keep up the great work!

Heidi Lynn Andersen

it's so wrong that I am a 38 year old single mom and in love with these boys! awesome song. ;-)


Wow you guys are amazing!

marley jenkins

This is amazing


You guys should release more lyrics, or at least post them on your site. It took me ages to figure out all the words to Plain Jane.


amazing works guys

alicia cedillo

I went there too!~ I loved the beat boxing too

Sir Smurfington

I was glad to see you guys I really enjoyed it thank you for coming to FHS



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