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by Streetlife

(feat. Killa Sin)

Sniff on this good shit, that got your eyes swollen
Your nose strippin', what's that shit you sippin'
My mind's trippin', sometimes I feel I'm slippin'
I feel like slippin' a clip in and start flippin'
I figured you out (yeah) I got reasonable doubt
You'se a loud mouth, that's not what a thug is about
You'se a homo nigga, that just caught a deal
Just because you got money, don't make you real
I tell it like it is, because, this is how I feel
Just because you got guns, don't mean you kill
Just because your top drop, don't make you hot
Braggin' about what got, might get you shot

[Chorus: Streetlife]
Yo-yo-yo-yo, yo, fuck 'em! Leave 'em face down
Yeah! Side up, from the waist down
Yup! He's sized up for the grave now
Lay down, nigga, just stay down

[Killa Sin]
We like four steps ahead of you, dick
You small claims court, we federal
Style's want investibles, quit actin' like you never knew
Bitch nigga vegetable stew, no beef
All this procedes, for the gold teeth and more grief
Man I told you they was gonna sleep, Street
Never mind heat for these freaks
Catch Cooley on High like Cochise
Make 'em scream, going from yelling O.G. to Oh Jesus
Can't believe this muthafucka knocked out my gold teeth
Just pardon me, god, for using your name in vein
But it's like these salt watered card niggaz spoiled the game
Your money and fame, won't bury all the worry and pain
When I hot rock pop and rock the side of your brain


Microphone check, I got dough to get
I never sweat, I approach the mic like a seasoned vet
Auto death, threat you send, I haven't seen 'em yet
When we step on the set, y'all be quiet as kept
When we come through, y'all just move through the left
All that 'rah-rah' talk, you keep it under your breath
I suggest y'all show the Street nigga respect
I'm not a rap cat, I just rap for the check
And I will tap that chin, if you get out of text
If you feel that, you can disrespect what I rep
I'm from Shaolin (what) you better watch your step
Remember what the Wu told you, Protect Ya Neck
This the Jump Off, I'mma show you how they really get wreck
You get knocked off, when I black eye, to smash the specs
Your best bet is just to cop out, put down the tech
That's not gangsta, I don't care how much you slept

[Killa Sin]
Yo, I got a head full of time and nigga
Fuck around, you be heading for the Chimer Center, messin' with mine
Keep a closet full of hammers, I ain't stressin' your nine
So keep them pea shooters to yourself, study your wealth
You gonna need some of that money, to fuck with your health
I'm trynna front for me, dummy, you'd rather front for yourself
(Have you leakin', runnin' from the scenes screamin' for help)
Knowing your shit trash, last to sell, the worst on the shelf

[Chorus x2]

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